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Vathlo Island

Official Name
Vatho Island

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Star System


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Vathlo Island is populated by a "highly developed black race" of Kryptonians, and "retained its independence throughout history and did not join the planetary federation, though good relations were maintained".


Black Kryptonians were first shown in Superman #234, with the island itself shown on a map in #239.

Vathlo was rarely if ever referenced beyond these few issues, although a black Kryptonian named "Iph-Ro of Vathlo" appeared in the more recent Superman: Man of Steel #111. An offhand reference to the island was made in Alan Moore's story For the Man Who Has Everything, where "racial trouble with the Vathlo Island immigrants," are mentioned in a dream world Krypton that had avoided destruction. It is believed, based on the appearances of black Kryptonians in recent Superman issues, that the Vathlonians eventually were integrated into Krypton proper.

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