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The Velorpians were the Pre-Crisis version of the Czarnians; as the bigger differences, the velorpians were a violent and greedy race, when the Post-Crisis czarnians were so pacific at point where they had no words to describe violence, being Lobo the only exception; the velorpians also were oviparous, when czarnians are viviparous. Both races could self-replicate, but the velorpians needed be killed in the process to generate 100 duplicates. Because this ability, their planet was becoming overpopulated, and their inhabitants were fighting by resources, which became almost depleted. The Psions offered great riches for the velorpians to study their phisiologies; it resulted in the Replicave, which could replicate whatever living being. Fearing the velorpian violent potential between the cosmos, the Psions had introduced a virus into their world, rendering all sterile, then they could not generate replicates, and every egg of a mother would hatch stillborn; in that point only Lobo was survivor of the entire race and seems still have the replicate powers. [1]

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None known.

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  • Sterility


Representatives: Lobo

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