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Venusians are any native species from the planet Venus. The best known Venusian is Mister Mind.


  • Blue Venusian Cavemen, encountered by Green Lantern, in the Silver Age, were neanderthalish-looking humanoids, with stone-age technology. Venusian wildlife, including flying dinosaurs, were a constant menace to these people.[1]
  • Mermor's Venusians, encountered by Aquaman, in the Silver Age, were water-breathing humanoids, with space-travel technology. Aquaman and Aqualad became involved in a war, on Venus, between two rival planetary leaders: Mermor, and the tyrannical Naeco.[2]

Earth-One Future


  • Immigrant Venusians, the Sivanas:
    • Doctor Sivana once established a base of operations on Venus
    • He crowned his daughter, Beautia, the Empress of Venus.[4]
  • Mister Mind
  • Wildlife of Venus:
    • man-sized frogs with man-like hands, servants of Beautia Sivana [5]
    • bulletproof sabretooth tigers, prehistoric elephants, giant horned crocosaurs, and the gorillion (a hybrid gorilla-lion centaur) (now extinct).[6]
    • flying crocodiles, and "tentacle-trees".[7]
    • several species of brainless night-crawlers, slugs and maggots [8]


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