Vera was the sixth child and only girl in her family. Her mother died in childbirth and four of her brothers died in various ways, leaving just Vera, and her older brother, Manchester, alone with their abusive, drunkard father. Manchester looked out for his little sister, and she always watched out for him. To survive, the siblings turned to pickpocketing in Heaton Park. Around this time, Manchester began to suffer from strange headaches that only seemed to get worse with every passing week. After a particularly good day, the siblings were pursued by police when Manchester's worst headache yet hit, leaving him spasming on the ground. Vera tried to protect her brother, only to be accidently knocked in front of an oncoming train! It was at this point that Manchester's metahuman power of telekinesis activated, allowing him to save her when he forcibly stopped the train with a psychic shockwave.

After this, Manchester and Vera were taken in and trained as oeratives by MI5, the British Secret Service. Vera watched for years while her brother slowly became consumed by his powers, turning into a sociopath. After Manchester and three other metahuman agents left rank and file to strike out as a superhero team, calling themselves "The Elite", Vera helped Lois Lane, and by extension, Superman, by providing the detailed personnele files on the group, revealing their powers and weaknesses.