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The Vertigo Universe is an unofficial designation in the DCU. Vertigo is DC Comics' established imprint for mature readers, and their characters usually don't cross paths with mainstream superheroes. This is an editorial measure to make sure that younger readers don't mistakenly purchase adult stories after seeing a character make guest appearances in their favorite comics. Because of this, many DCU characters seemed to vanish from continuity while they appeared exclusively in their solo titles.

Geoff Johns made this concept an explicit part of continuity during the Flashpoint storyline, where it appeared as an alternate timeline next to the mainstream DCU and the Wildstorm Universe. Pandora uses all of them to create one greater timeline with elements from all three.[1] In the DCnU, many of these Vertigo characters reappear as members of Justice League Dark.[2]

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  • Many stories published by Vertigo Comics are creator-driven and appear in their own self-contained universes. They do not traditionally exist in a shared universe. This concept only applies to characters who were formerly in the mainstream DCU before crossing over.


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