Vicious was part of the mercenary group called Ravens.

Vicious and Pistolera were recruited by Penguin to be auctioned among the Gotham Organized Crime.[1] When the great gang war broke out in Gotham, Vicious and Pistolera created chaos in the city. They were confronted by Renee Montoya and Vicious was able to stab her in the shoulder with one of her daggers.[2] Later, Vicious and Pistolera went to the east side and were confronted by Catwoman, who beat them with ease. Pistolera created a distraction that allowed them both to escape.[3] Soon, they were confronted and defeated by Robin. Vicious mocked the way Robin looked and talked but Robin was able to kick her in the face and broke her nose. Pistolera and Vicious were tied and subsequently arrested by the GCPD.[4]


  • Throwing: Using daggers, Vicious has a perfect aim and her attacks can be deadly.


  • Daggers or any sharp objects.



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