Quote1 I promise you...soon, everyone will know how cold Hell can be. Quote2
-- Mr. Freeze src

Victor Fries was a scientist who was forced to halt his studies and freeze his beloved wife Nora Fries solid in order to keep her from death. Struggling to complete his work to cure her, Victor turned to a life of crime to fund his experiments, causing him to become a frequent enemy of Batman and a patient at Arkham Asylum.

When Brainiac's forces attacked the Earth and the Exobytes were unleashed on the populace, Mr. Freeze used the opportunity to take control of Gotham Mercy General Hospital, freezing the entirety of the building and making it the center of his operations. While his gang fended off the Gotham City Police Department, Freeze made contact with one of the Exobyte villains, recruiting them to his cause- but he soon discovered that the villain was a protegee of the Joker, and had been sent to infiltrate the hospital and steal the diamonds powering his freezing engine at the request of the Clown Prince of Crime and Two-Face. Enraged, Mister Freeze attacked the villain, calling his gang members to aid him, but they were defeated, as was Fries, who helplessly watched as the villain stole the diamonds and left the hospital.

He would later recover from this incident, and could be seen in the Hall of Doom, where he was willing to sell a powerful suit of Power Armor themed after him, named Frozen Fury, to any Tech-based Exobyte Villain who had built up the reputation to be deemed worthy of it. He would also launch an invasion to take control of Arkham Asylum, alongside his fellow villains Poison Ivy and Scarecrow. Convinced that his actions would be able to save Nora, he attempted to bring about a new Ice Age within the walls of the Asylum- but he was stopped by the Exobyte heroes and villains when they launched a counter-raid into the Asylum.