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Victor Stone is the man who became the superhero Cyborg. In the original timeline, he worked alongside Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Captain Atom to stop the Reverse Flash's bombs from detonating and destroying the Flash Museum, working with Captain Atom to remove the bomb that was attached to Captain Boomerang's belt. In the alternate timeline that was created by the Flash, he was sent by the President of the United States to gather a group of superheroes to stop the war between Aquaman's Atlantean forces and Wonder Woman's Amazonian forces, which included the S.H.A.Z.A.M. kids. Thomas Wayne (Batman) initially refused to join the team as its tactical leader, but later on changed his mind. With help from the Flash, Cyborg broke into a secret underground government facility in Metropolis where they found and freed Kal-El the Kryptonian, who discovered that he had superpowers when exposed to the rays of the yellow sun. Cyborg, Batman, and Flash together infiltrated New Themyscira as Aquaman and Wonder Woman engaged in one final battle with each other, hoping to stop the war once and for all. However, Cyborg found himself overpowered and torn apart by Aquaman, who was about to stab Cyborg in the heart with his trident, but the arm holding the trident was severed by Kal-El, who appeared to defend his friend and ally until he died in Kal-El's arms.






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