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Quote1 All right. Let's talk about the mess of trouble you're in... and how I'm gonna knock that head sideways. Quote2
-- Cyborg src

Injustice: Year One

Cyborg was one of many superheroes who have joined Superman's regime, and is shown to be one of the more dedicated members. When Wonder Woman reveals that Superman's parents have been kidnapped, Victor stands up for him and vows to fight for Superman.

When Superman goes to vacate Arkham Asylum, Cyborg gains access to the security systems in order to open all the prisoners' cells so that the Flash can take them to a secure facility. Batman activates a virus within Victor's system that shocks and arrests movement. Harley Quinn then releases all inmates onto the Justice League and Insurgency. In the ensuing chaos, Nightwing is killed by Robin.

Later, in Kahndaq, Cyborg's arm is ripped off by Black Adam and sent flying back. Victor discovers the radio signal being broadcast by Lex Luthor from Metropolis. He is among those on the stage for Superman's public address to the world and the ensuing battle with countless Parademons from Apokolips.

It is discovered that Hawkgirl was actually the Martian Manhunter in disguise, and that he had been feeding information to Batman and the Insurgency. Superman asks Cyborg to activate the Emergency Broadcast System in order to reveal Batman's identity to the world. In retaliation, Bruce activates "Protocol Icarus", completely disabling the Justice League Watchtower.

Injustice: Year Two

Victor is seen at the funeral of Oliver Queen.

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Injustice: Gods Among Us

Regime Cyborg first appears alongside fellow Titan Raven torturing a captured Deathstroke. Cyborg mentions that Deathstroke has been offered "amnesty" by Superman and that he would be wise to take it, also noting that if Cyborg were in charge he would not show the same leniency. Cyborg also reveals that most of the Titans died when Metropolis was nuked, and though Deathstroke was uninvolved, Cyborg is content to punish him anyway due to his being "on the wrong side of the law". The Green Lantern from an alternate Earth steps in and, after beating Raven, demands answers from Cyborg, who refuses to give them to him. Cyborg attacks Green Lantern and is defeated as well.

Regime Cyborg reappears in the alternate Cyborg's chapter, hacking into his neural network to make him freeze. Regular Cyborg is able to turn the tables though and break free. He then defeats Regime Cyborg in a fight. Regime Cyborg is later among the Regime forces fighting in Gotham City and is later shown to be among those imprisoned, following Superman's incarceration.





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