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Feeling sympathy for Victor and his search for his beloved girlfriend Katherine Goodwin, SynTechnics scientist Doctor Hong allowed him to escape captivity. While making his escape, Victor was struck by Lana Lang's car. After watching him walk away without a scratch, Lana called Clark Kent to investigate. Clark befriended and promised to help him. Clark took Victor to stay at his loft; however, SynTechnics security personnel broke into the barn and shot Victor in the arm. Clark and Lana took Victor to Lois Lane's apartment, where Victor began leaking battery fluid; he would die if the wound was not treated. While Clark went to confront Lex Luthor about SynTechnics' activities, Victor, overcome by his desire to find Katherine, escaped Lana's watch and went to Katherine's house. It turned out to be a trap; Lex Luthor and Doctor Alistair Kreig, who had supervised the experiments on Victor, had lured him there, and made him return to the SynTechnics lab at gunpoint. At the lab, Lex informed Victor of SynTechnics' plans to insert a chip into his brain, thus turning him into a robot for all intents and purposes. Just when Doctor Creek was about to drill into Victor's head, Clark broke into the lab and rescued him. Clark brought Victor back to the Kent barn, where Victor thanked Clark for his actions. At that moment, Lana brought Katherine into the barn, and she and Victor shared an emotional reunion.

One year after his escape, Victor and Katherine broke up. Depressed and ready to give up, he was living on the streets when he met Oliver Queen. Oliver offered him food and shelter and, according to Victor, gave him "a reason to go on." Oliver recruited Victor for his fledgling hero team. Victor's technology was upgraded by Queen Industries so he could hack into schematics and security data. He has chosen the codename Cyborg for the team. Clark met Victor again while the team prepared for their first mission. After they successfully destroyed the Level 33.1 laboratory at the Ridge Facility, the team left Metropolis to travel around the globe and bring other 33.1 laboratories down.

In season eight when Clark and Lex disappeared from the Arctic Circle while in the Fortress of Solitude, Oliver revealed that Victor and Bart Allen were searching the southern hemisphere for them and found nothing.

In season nine under the orders of Chloe Sullivan, Victor helped Roulette and the rest of the league manipulate Oliver overcome the depressive and self-destructive behavior he began exhibiting, following the murder of Lex Luthor. Victor's part was to hack into Oliver's bank accounts and drain him of his funds. Their actions allow for Oliver to recover and retake the Green Arrow title as well as work towards reforming the League.

Later, when Chloe, Oliver and Clark are investigating the death of the Star-Spangled Kid, they discover that he had a book documenting the entire Justice League, including Victor. Checkmate wanted to know where Victor Stone and the other Justice League members were but Oliver Queen stopped Clark Kent from telling Amanda Waller about the League.

Cyborg returned along with John Jones, Black Canary, Hawkman, and Stargirl to discuss the battle plan against the Kandorians. He backed up Carter's plan to strike first, even getting into an argument with John Jones about Clark's idea. He was saddened by the idea of Clark leaving forever, but agrees with it in the end. He saluted Clark with the rest of the team before returning to the battle.

In season ten Victor is seen briefly at Hawkman's funeral procession.




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