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Oliver and Victoria

Victoria found Oliver Queen in a casino that she ran called Roulette. Oliver flirted with her, then Victoria offered to play a little game; Oliver agreed. She gave him a tablet which caused Oliver to fall unconscious in the street; then she kidnapped him.

Trying to seek a solution to the dangerous game he was playing, Oliver returned to the casino and found Victoria there. She made him believe that she was only a pawn and that his life would be in danger if she did not follow the orders of her boss. Victoria faked her death, leaving Oliver to be accused of murder; she used her employees to make Oliver reveal the password of his bank account and then steal all the money he had. A little bit later, Victoria fought with Lois Lane in the street and kidnapped her, then made her pose as her with the hope that Oliver would kill her by mistake. When this did not happen, Victoria tried to escape from the casino through the kitchen, but an explosion occurred and she became trapped. When Oliver went to rescue her, Victoria asked him why he returned for her, to which Oliver replied that he couldn't let her die. She then came out from under the rubble in which she was caught, revealing that it was a fake fire and that everything was part of a plan to make Oliver rethink his life.

Later it is revealed that Chloe Sullivan was the woman who planned the game to get the old Oliver back.

Roulette was seen as a member of Toyman's Marionette Ventures. At their group meeting about dealing with Clark Kent's team of heroes, she was given the task of taking out the League's token information supplier: Watchtower.

  • Victoria Sinclair was portrayed by Steph Song for one episode of season nine.



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