"Part One: The Star of Ill-Omen": A strange green glowing comet soars over 1854 England. From the London slums, Soho, the people are perplex of this spectacle. A old crone named Madge sees the comet as an ill-omen. The said comet releases little pieces of itself, as the pieces rains over the cit

Quote1 Watson, we have just been shown the door by agents of her Majesty's secret service! Quote2
-- Sherlock Holmes

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Synopsis for "Part One: The Star of Ill-Omen"

A strange green glowing comet soars over 1854 England. From the London slums, Soho, the people are perplex of this spectacle. A old crone named Madge sees the comet as an ill-omen. The said comet releases little pieces of itself, as the pieces rains over the city, which one hits through the slums' local street water pump.

Five months later... nearly all the inhabitants in Soho severely dies from a disease outbreak. At a makeshift hospital, Doctor Snow and Reverend Whitehead oversee their latest patient already died. Snow converse with Whitehead that he believed the source of the outbreak came from the Broad Street water pump, and then noticing that there is something bothering Whitehead. The reverend explains this grim outlook is that he had heard rumors of the dead were being discretionary decapitated and learned a direct confession from a young tanner's apprentice who claimed that he helped his father in mutilating the dead bodies of his dead mother and sister, which they seemingly come back to life and attacked them. As Whitehead said this, the body of their recent dead patient rises from her bed, revealing to the shocked Snow and Whitehead that she has become a zombie...

Forty-four years later. A rich gentleman hosts two renown men to his home where he states in showing them their satisfaction. He presses a switch, illuminating the entire room from a hypnotic chandelier. The gentleman use this in hypnotizing his guests in revealing their secrets. However, one of the gentlemen is not affected by this and takes off his disguise, revealing himself to be Detective Sherlock Holmes. Stating that to the gentleman that he is arrest for his previous hold over Trelawney Hope. As Holmes attempt to arrest the man, but the man is remarkably strong and easily beats down the detective. Holmes then grabs a tableware and throws it at the chandelier, destroying it. The other man, reveals to be Dr. Watson, is broken free from his mesmerism and shoots the gentleman. However, the gentleman is then reveals to be a robot. Watson again shoots the automaton several times, disabling it. Holmes and Watson are perplex of this technological discovery, in which Holmes deduces from the copper flooring that the machine is controlled by someone, who apparently personally knows Holmes.

The next day at a subway construction yard, two workmen, Ron Baker and Daniel Corbett, went deeper into a tunnel and finds a half buried corpse. Ron sees a gold ring on the corpse's hand and wants to have it. Daniel warns Ron not to pick the ring or touch the body as he believes that it is contaminated from a plague. Just as Ron argues, the corpse comes to life and bit a chunk of Ron's right face. Daniel decapitate the zombie with a shovel and see to Ron, who then immediately dies. Suddenly, Ron returns to life as a zombie and also bit his friend. Daniel fights off Ron and subsequently beats him to death. As the shocked workman looks over Ron's body, he is slowly succumbing to the bite.

At 221B Baker Street, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson examines the robot head, which Holmes states that it surpasses society's known inventors, and that finding someone with a sheer technological prowess would help them solve their investigation. Just then, Mrs. Hudson delivers a telegram for Holmes. The telegram, sent by Inspector Lestrade, reads that Holmes is urgently needed at Scotland Yard.

Holmes and Watson meets Inspector Lestrade, who reveals to the two of the workmen's strange deaths, which Corbett was revealed to have died. Holmes questions Lestrade as to why he is summoned over a typical criminal investigation. Lestrade leads Holmes and Watson to a cell and tells Holmes to see for himself. The three sees a zombified Corbett, restrained in a strait jacket and his head secured in a metal cage. Lestrade explains that after Corbett died, he was quickly restrained once he became a zombie without anyone bitten or scratch. Also Lestrade shows Holmes and Watson a jar containing the living head of the corpse the workmen found. The three are then visited by government agents who tells Lestrade that they are to oversee the investigation and heavily recommends Sherlock to cease his investigations or be imprison against his will.


  • This book was first published on December 16, 2009.
  • Trelawney Hope, as mentioned by Holmes, is the Secretary of State for European Affairs that appears in the Sherlock Holmes novel The Adventure of the Second Stain. He later appears in full person in issue five.


  • Charles Babbage, as commented by Holmes, was a mathematician and engineer who originated the concept of a programmable computer.
  • Pierre Jaquet-Droz and Jacques de Vaucanson are referenced by Holmes. Both are inventors and creators of early automatons, in which de Vaucanson was credit for making the world's first true robots.

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