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in: Dan DiDio/Executive Editor, J.G. Jones/Cover Artist, Laura Martin/Cover Artist
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Dale Eaglesham/Cover Artist, Wade Von Grawbadger/Cover Artist, Sno-Cone Studios/Cover Artist, Gail Simone/Writer, Dale Eaglesham/Penciler, Wade Von Grawbadger/Inker, Sno-Cone Studios/Colourist, Pat Brosseau/Letterer, Stephen Wacker/Editor, Harvey Richards/Editor, Secret Six (Villains United)/Appearances, Thomas Blake (New Earth)/Appearances, Jade Nguyen (New Earth)/Appearances, Floyd Lawton (New Earth)/Appearances, Isaac Bowin (New Earth)/Appearances, Parademon (New Earth)/Appearances, Peter Merkel, Jr. (New Earth)/Appearances, Scandal Savage (New Earth)/Appearances, Alexander Luthor (New Earth)/Appearances, Secret Society of Super-Villains (Villains United)/Appearances, Alexander Luthor, Jr. (Earth-Three)/Appearances, Teth-Adam (New Earth)/Appearances, Black Manta (New Earth)/Appearances, Body Doubles (New Earth)/Appearances, Bonny Hoffman (New Earth)/Appearances, Carmen Leno (New Earth)/Appearances, Bernard Bonner (New Earth)/Appearances, Blythe Bonner (New Earth)/Appearances, Noah Kuttler (New Earth)/Appearances, Barbara Ann Minerva (New Earth)/Appearances, David Hersch (New Earth)/Appearances, Slade Wilson (New Earth)/Appearances, Edgar Cizko (New Earth)/Appearances, Anton Lamont (New Earth)/Appearances, Yrra Cynril (New Earth)/Appearances, Felix Faust (New Earth)/Appearances, James Craddock (New Earth)/Appearances, Gorilla Grodd (New Earth)/Appearances, H.I.V.E. (New Earth)/Appearances, Knockout (New Earth)/Appearances, Victor Fries (New Earth)/Appearances, Danton Black (New Earth)/Appearances, Angela Hawkins III (New Earth)/Appearances, Otto von Furth (New Earth)/Appearances, Chad Graham (New Earth)/Appearances, Ishmael Gregor (New Earth)/Appearances, Carl Sands (New Earth)/Appearances, Mark Scheffer (New Earth)/Appearances, Dennis Samuel Ellis (New Earth)/Appearances, Talia al Ghul (New Earth)/Appearances, Kentucky/Appearances, House of Secrets/Appearances, Fiddler's Fiddle/Appearances, Villains United, Infinite Crisis, Comics, 2005, 2005, July, May 4, 2005 (Publication), 2005, May (Publication), Villains United Vol 1, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written

Villains United Vol 1 1


Villains United Vol 1 1

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"And Empires in Their Purpose": Around the world villains were recruited to join in Lex Luthor's Secret Society of Super-Villains creating a united force of villainy. Few successfully turn down the in

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Synopsis for "And Empires in Their Purpose"

Around the world villains were recruited to join in Lex Luthor's Secret Society of Super-Villains creating a united force of villainy. Few successfully turn down the invitation; among those is Catman who infuriates Doctor Psycho by doing so.

Meanwhile, deep in the Amazon Rainforest the Six fight several H.I.V.E. agents, and afterwards their performances are assessed well except for Fiddler who is executed by Deadshot leaving space for a replacement, Blake. Who upon the team's return is brought into the House of Secrets to meet their benefactor, Mockingbird.


  • This book was first published on May 4, 2005.
  • This issue is reprinted in the Villains United trade paperback.


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