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Quote1 You little men have been very, very busy messing up the universe. Quote2
-- Volthoom src

Volthoom is a being whose ultimate origin transcends the universe. The earliest history has him falling, full-grown, into the lab of Krona in the wake of the Malthusian's experiment to see the beginning of all existence. Taken before the Guardians of the Universe, Volthoom was shown to be able to harness the power of the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum to warp reality. As they scrambled to copy his gifts using technology, the Guardians offered him a position as their agent: The First Lantern.[1] However, over time Volthoom grew proud, and sometime during or after their move to Oa, the Guardians imprisoned Volthoom in an unbreakable chamber and wrote him out of their history. A number of Oans remained behind to ensure that the First Lantern was kept imprisoned and became known as The Hidden Ones.

After the War of Light, the Guardians put Volthoom in lesser constraints as part of a plan to replace the Green Lantern Corps, whom they believed to have failed as an interstellar police force due to their emotions and free will. They used Volthoom's DNA to create a horde of infectious warriors. This horde, called the Third Army, almost assimilated all intelligent life in the galaxy, but was stopped by rogue members of the Green Lantern Corps.

During a fierce battle on Oa, the Guardians depended on more power from Volthoom but proved to be their undoing in which they inadvertently freed the First Lantern. Volthoom vengefully captured the Guardians and then began siphoning energy from multiple bearers of power rings, in the hopes of gaining enough energy to rewrite the entire universe.[2] However, he faced the combined might of all the Lantern Corps of the Emotional Spectrum. Volthoom was weakened by the embodiment of death, Nekron, and was separated from his connection to the Emotional Spectrum by Hal Jordan, leaving him completely powerless before shortly being killed by Nekron.


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