Quote1 Faker? That's it! They call me the Fakir.. so the Faker I WILL BE! I will FAKE my way to fame! Quote2
-- Von Strudel src

Von Strudel attempted to knock down a flight of American bombers with his "Motor Stopper" but it blew itself up instead. Demoted, humiliated, and under deadly pressure from his superiors to achieve results, Von Strudel decided to fully embrace the role of "Faker" in order to strike a serious blow against the U.S. military. Using misdirection, Von Strudel was able to pull off four successful sabotage operations, but his fifth project, an attempt to use explosives to activate an extinct volcano, went wrong, when Spy Smasher figured out his real plan, and foiled it.


  • Misdirection


  • Poor engineering skills
  • Unrealistic threat assessment skills
  • Morbid obesity


  • "Motor Stopper" antiaircraft weapon, useless and dangerous

enemy of Spy Smasher

  • Alex Blum's rendition of Von Strudel, in the 5th story in Spy Smasher #10, is nearly identical to his rendition of Hermann Goering, in the 1st story in the same issue.