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Brainiac was a villain whom Superman had confronted until he eventually came close to being destroyed prior to the events of Kingdom Come, with parts of his circuitry scattered across the cosmos: some on Saturn, some on Argo, and the rest inside a Pulitzer in Clark Kent's apartment. Sometime later, Ibn al Xu'ffasch had accumulated the parts containing Brainiac's consciousness and had them transferred into a functional Superman robot in order to force him to work together with Ra's al Ghul and Lex Luthor on a way to prevent their reality from being altered when Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman went back in time with Hunter to rescue Superman and Wonder Woman's child from Gog. Luthor and Brainiac had developed the Chronoslip, which they said allowed whoever entered it to survive whatever changes in reality end up taking place. However, Ibn, who suspected that Luthor and Brainiac had double-crossed him, forced the two to enter the Chronoslip themselves, which ended up exploding.