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WF3: World's Finest Three (Superboy/Robin) Vol 1 2


WF3: World's Finest Three (Superboy/Robin) Vol 1 2

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"World's Finest Three": Superboy and Poison Ivy reach a small island of Hawaii where Ivy wants to use a fast growing plant and Superboy's powers to eliminate all other life.

Quote1 Okay honey,... hand over the ring. Quote2
-- Metallo

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Synopsis for "World's Finest Three"

Superboy and Poison Ivy reach a small island of Hawaii where Ivy wants to use a fast growing plant and Superboy's powers to eliminate all other life.

Travelling in his normal guise, Tim Drake reaches Hawaii accompanied by Alfred. They are unaware that Metallo slipped into the cargo room of the plane. Metallo follows Robin as the Boy Wonder tries to find Superboy and Poison Ivy. Metallo is very interested in the Kryptonite ring that Robin took out of the Batcave to use it as a potential weapon against Superboy. After an initial attack by Metallo, Robin escapes and finds Superboy who no longer seems to be under Ivy's control. But he still is, so Robin uses the Kryptonite ring to snap Superboy out of his trance. But Ivy hits Robin from behind and takes the ring. While she threatens Superboy with the ring, Metallo shows up and Robin once again has to fight with him. Somehow Robin hacks Metallo's internal systems and controls him to go over a cliff. Robin is lucky that Superboy managed to free himself from Poison Ivy (and secure the ring) and is able to catch the Boy Wonder. However, Superboy still is weak and so Robin needs one of his grapples to save both of them from a deadly fall. Of course, Metallo is not destroyed and escapes the island under water.

After Poison Ivy is arrested by the police, Robin uses a trick to get the Kryptonite ring back from Superboy and then vanishes before Superboy is able to ask him about a phone number if they need to work together in the future.

After returning to the Batcave, Robin is happy to put the Kryptonite ring back into safe storage. Bruce congratulates him and Alfred - he obviously was well aware of what happened there in Hawaii ...


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