Life was good for Walker Gabriel. He had a good career as a corporate thief, had few friends, but big plans. His main client was a shady man called Konstantin Vyronis, and his closest acquaintance was David Clinton, the first Chronos. Clinton and he had met when Gabriel had sought him out for his expertise in Time studies, and both became generally friends, working for each other in exchange for money to supplement his waning funds for one, and the technology needed to upgrade his chronal suit for the other. He had a steady source of income, and he generally lived well, if only slightly outside Law. It all changed when Vyronis hired him to steal en experimental tachyon generator from S.T.A.R. Labs. Unfortunately for Walker, Per Degaton sent men back in time to make sure a car hits him when he is ten years old, essentially wiping his career as Chronos from existance. [1]


  • Chronokinesis: Absolute time control and capability to move across time and space effortlessly.



  • Chronal Suit: Couples with his natural abilities and enhances them.


  • Future Weaponry: Advanced future technology, some from as far as the 873th century.