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Warehouse 13 was a training facility for super powered people.
Quote1 But they're safe. It's the finest prison one the prisoners make of their own free will. By the time they are La Dama's army, they won't remember any other way. Quote2
--Phantom Strangersrc


Warehouse 13 was a training facility for super powered people.

La Dama wasn't planning to be swallowed up in a common gang war between super powered beings. But as every crime lord stayed away from magic due to its unpredictability, she found a edge in this and ordered to capture magic meta humans from the street and store, train and hide them in the campus named Warehouse 13.

It took a year after the Posse discovered the compound and tried to rescue Probe that was brought there a year earlier. The Posse expected it to be a prison and were not prepared to discover a whole community. Phantom Stranger also found the compound.

Trying to avoid a bigger fight, La Dama declared everyone was free to enter and leave the Warehouse as they pleased. But the residents felt safe and secure at the compound, far away from the prying eyes of the normal people. In the end, roughly half of the metas took La Dama up on her offer and left.


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