Warp was a thief from the future who appeared in present time to steal a valuable clock from the local museum, bringing him in conflict with the Teen Titans. As Warp opened a portal to travel into the future with his ill-gotten gain, Starfire plunged him right into the portal, taking the powering device from his time-traveling uniform and causing him to appear sometime before her twenty years into the future. He met up with Starfire again and attacked her so he could get the powering device back, then returned to the museum to reattach the device to his uniform when Starfire and the Titans from that time period confronted him again. Robin as Nightwing stopped Warp from traveling into the future through yet another portal by causing his powering device to go haywire, de-aging Warp into an infant. Cyborg used the powering device to create a portal to send Starfire back into the present with the stolen clock.


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