Warth is from Sector 0002. He is the second person to be initiated into the Blue Lantern Corps. Each Blue Lantern is chosen by the Blue Lantern of the previous sector and brought to the Guardians of the Blue Lantern Corps, Ganthet and Sayd to be evaluated so they can truly judge whether they are worthy to become a member of their Corps or not. He was brought to the Odym, home planet of the Blue Lantern Corps, by its first member, Saint Bro'Dee Walker of Sector 0001. Warth spent several days with the Guardians while they evaluated and judged him for themselves. They explained to him what it truly means to be a Blue Lantern and join their cause.

In order to become a Blue Lantern one must be willing to give of themselves completely to the universe. Unlike other corps their blue ring does not need to be charged and doesn't run out of power. It is fueled directly by the hope of the people they seek out to help and save.


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Broher Warth was present in the Battle for Odym against the Reach and was put in charge by Saint Walker to lead the rest of the Blue Lanterns to safety.


Hope: Warth has the ability to give hope for the future to others.


  • His appearance is similar to the Hindu god, Ganesh.

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