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Watchmen Vol 1 5


Watchmen Vol 1 5

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"Fearful Symmetry": Moloch wakes up to hear someone intruded his home and picks up a gun for safety. Remembering his last encounter with Rorschach, he checks the refrigerator and inside finds a note that read "Behind You". Moloch turns around to be confronted by Rorschach, who then interrogates

Quote1 Call the toy people and cancel the extension of the Ozymandias line. If they ask why, just tell them I don't have any enemies. Quote2
-- Adrian Veidt

Appearing in "Fearful Symmetry"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Charlie
  • Detective Steven Fine
  • Detective Joe Bourquin


Other Characters:

  • Bernie and Bernie
  • Dominique Hirsh
  • Joey
  • Seymour


  • Midtown



Synopsis for "Fearful Symmetry"

Moloch wakes up to hear someone intruded his home and picks up a gun for safety. Remembering his last encounter with Rorschach, he checks the refrigerator and inside finds a note that read "Behind You". Moloch turns around to be confronted by Rorschach, who then interrogates him about The Comedian's visit to Moloch's a week before his murder, and makes a reference to Moloch being one of the many victims given cancer allegedly given by Dr. Manhattan. After threatening Moloch by locking him in the fridge, Rorschach realizes that Moloch has no part for discrediting Manhattan. He then instructs Moloch to leave a note in a trashcan with any information regarding to discrediting Dr. Manhattan.

Meanwhile, Steven Fine and Joe Bourquin are at the scene of a murder-suicide in which a man, fearing nuclear holocaust, had murdered his two daughters before taking his own life in front of his wife. After having finish questioning the wife, the detectives leave while Bourquin advise Fine to not let this incident ruin his day.

The new vendor discuss about World War III with a delivery man, who put forward the idea that in World War III, as opposed to World War II, there will be no place to run to.

During this time, Dan and Laurie are having lunch at a diner. Laurie tells Dan that she has no home to go to and her expense account is suspended by the government, as they saw no further use for her after Dr. Manhattan had left Earth. Sympathetically, Dan offer Laurie to stay at his place. As Laurie and Dan leave the diner, they are observe by an unmasked Rorschach, who wait for news from Moloch, via a secret message.

Adrian Veidt is about to meet with representatives from a toy company who are proposing new characters in their Ozymandias line. While walking with his secretary, a gunman attempts to shoot Veidt but only to fatally shot the secretary. Veidt fights and quickly subdues the gunman, who eventually bite into a suicide capsule to prevent Veidt discovering who sent him.

At police headquarters, Fine and Bourquin are looking over evidences taken from the murder-suicide case, reflecting on the recent attempt on Veidt's life, and trying to do paperwork on Edward Blake's murder. They then receive a phone call from an anonymous tip who gives them information on the whereabouts of "Raw Shark".

Rorschach arrives at Moloch's place in which Moloch wanted to see him. He only finds Moloch murdered, with a bullet shot in his head. Suddenly, the police with Detectives Fine and Bourquin have surrounded the building and demanding Rorschach to come out and surrender. Rorschach realizes he has fallen into a trap and attempt to escape. After subduing several SWAT members, Rorschach jumps out of the window and lands on the street where he is immediately overwhelmed by the police. He is then unmasked, revealing him to be the doomsayer who have been appearing sporadically in the city.

Nearby the news vendor, the kid continues reading "Tales of the Black Freighter" in which the mariner decided to find a way back home and unburied his shipmates so he could use their gas-bloated bodies to support his raft. The mariner left at night and sustain himself by eating capture sea gulls and drinking sea water. He is soon beset by sharks, who they take away the dead shipmates' bodes. The mariner is then attacked by a large shark that he eventually killed it by stabbing a splinter of the mast into its eye. The dead shark provide the mariner with food and support for his raft since it was entangled with its cords.

Appearing in "Treasure Island: Treasury of Comics"

Featured Characters:

Synopsis for "Treasure Island: Treasury of Comics"

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • The title of this issue is based on the phrase from William Blake's poem "The Tyger". Also, one of the policemen cautiously entering Jacobi's home states "here be tygers," which could also mean the practice of filling in unknown areas on old maps with "Here be dragons."


  • The "Who Watches the Watchmen?" graffiti appears next to the "Hiroshima lovers" graffiti.

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