The Waterman was a Chinese man mutated by underground nuclear testing. He was employed by Sir Richard Harcourt, a British crime boss, as an enforcer. The Waterman was tasked with capturing and torturing Ringo Chen, a hitman who had killed Sir Richard's son. After an unsuccessful attempt, the Waterman did eventually capture Ringo and his friend Tommy Monaghan. He tortured and mutilated Chen, who later escaped with Monaghan and decimated the Waterman's thugs. In end, the Waterman's men killed Chen, but Tommy Monaghan rigged Chen's body with a live grenade so that when the body was lifted, the grenade would go off. The Waterman fell for the trap and was detonated along with his hired men.


  • Electrokinesis
  • The Waterman had no spine, though it is unknown how he was able to stand erect.
  • It is hinted that the Waterman may have been able to breathe underwater.