As is the case in standard continuity, Waylon Jones had a skin condition that gave him a reptilian appearance and became a violent criminal in adulthood because of being ostracized by everyone else. Some time after being arrested by Commissioner Gordon, Waylon was sent to Arkham Asylum, where Bruce Wayne interviewed him to try and help him. Waylon Jones revealed that he killed people out of fear that they would kill him first and acknowledged that it is wrong to kill people.

When Jonathan Crane took over control of Arkham after Bruce was driven mad by The Joker's toxin, Waylon was the only inmate who dared to stand up to him, only to be beaten by the orderlies.

After being chained up, Waylon broke free of his chains and visited Bruce Wayne's cell, telling him that he has to snap out of his madness and put an end to Crane's abuse.



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