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Estate of the Wayne Family, lived in by many of Batman's closest allies and family.
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Estate of the Wayne Family, lived in by many of Batman's closest allies and family.


Bruce Wayne bought the household right before he started operating as Batman. After he purchased the house, the place became known as the "Wayne Mansion".[1]

The Wayne residence was a simple house located on "224 Park Dr.";[2] on the suburbs of Gotham City.[3] Originally, Bruce Wayne used Wayne Manor as his secret base of operations. Using a secret entrance, he would enter a concealed crime lab where he prepared his arsenal for the cases he had to solve.[4]

There was also a hidden passage underneath Wayne Manor wich connected to a seemingly abandoned barn, where Batman kept the Batplane.[5] In order to open the sliding panel to enter the secret passage, it was needed to move an ornamental shield from the wall.[6]

Some time later, Batman built a special hidden room inside Wayne Manor, where he would collect memorabilia from some of his solved cases. This room was only accessible through a six-inch-thick steel door with a combination lock.[7]

Wayne Manor had its own security measures, which included a silent alarm directly connected to Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson's bedrooms, in case there was any intruder.[6]

Not long after this, Bruce developed his secret underground shelter which he called the Batcave. He used this place to hide his Bat-vehicles and he also moved his secret laboratory and gym from the main house to the underground cave. The secret entrance to the cave was concealed inside Wayne Manor and there was also an alarm connected to the main house in case there was any unwanted person inside the Batcave.[8] As Batman's collection of crime trophies increased, the Hall of Trophies wasn't large enough to keep them all and he also moved it to the Batcave, changing its name to Trophy Room.[9]

Wayne Manor was then connected to the Batcave through a large staircase. The secret entrance in the house was concealed behind a grandfather clock. Soon, a criminal who escaped from prison broke into Wayne Manor and found the secret entrance leading to the Batcave, but Batman and Robin were able to defeat him.[10]

New Earth

The construction of Wayne Manor started in the 18th century, but it was left unfinished as the place was considered to be haunted after the death of Joshua Wayne in the caves beneath the manor.[11] The ruins were often used by gunslinger Jonah Hex as a meeting point until the place was claimed back and the construction was finished by Alan Wayne.[12]

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After Bane figured out Batman's secret identity, he managed to break inside Wayne Manor, knocked Alfred unconscious and waited for Bruce to arrive.[13] When Bruce arrived, the fight began and Bane destroyed great part of the living room before taking the fight to the batcave.[14]

Wayne Manor was attacked by Hush after he changed his face to look identical to Bruce Wayne. Once inside the manor, Hush tried to kill Alfred, but he was stopped by Batman's timely arrival.[15] When the Black Glove invaded the Batcave, they used Wayne Manor as a trap to capture Commissioner Gordon.[16] However, he was eventually saved by the League of Assassins who broke into the Manor, looking for Bruce Wayne.[17]

Since Batman's apparent death, the Manor has been nearly abandoned and been left in shambles. Green Arrow went to the place to investigate and learned the hard truth about Batman's fate. Oliver started drinking some of Bruce's liquor when Superman arrived to investigate as well.[18]

After his return, Bruce Wayne started using it again as his main residence.

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  • The Wayne Manor from Earth-Two was worth fifty thousand dollars ($50.000).[19]


  • The model used for Wayne Manor from the 1989 movie Batman was placed on display at Planet Hollywood in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Coincidentally, Atlantic City and Gotham City occupy the same geographical location in the DC Universe. [20]

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