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"John Carter of Mars: "Escape"": After it is overheard that John Carter and Dejah Thoris plan to escape their imprisonment, the Thark's chieftain vows to kill them. During the escape, John slaughters several Tharks an

Quote1 I would love you even as I take pilgrimage down the River Iss... to the sacred Valley Dor Quote2
-- Dejah Thoris

Appearing in John Carter of Mars: "Escape"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Tharks (race)
    • Lorquas Ptomel, Jed (Thark's chieftain)
    • Qual Norvis (a Thark guard) (Dies)
    • Sarkoja (a female Thark)
  • Plant-Men (Cameo)

Other Characters:

  • Sola (daughter of Tars Tarkas)
  • Woola (guard dog)


  • Barsoom
    • Valley Dor (Valley of Heaven)
    • River Iss (River of Death)



  • Two flying aircrafts

Synopsis for John Carter of Mars: "Escape"

After it is overheard that John Carter and Dejah Thoris plan to escape their imprisonment, the Thark's chieftain vows to kill them. During the escape, John slaughters several Tharks and is told where he can find some flying ships. Dejah Thoris and Tars Tarkas' daughter (Sola) are able to fly off in one of the small ships unharmed, and with the promise of John meeting up with them in the city of Helium. John, now alone, battles the Thark's Army as he rushes towards the second aircraft. As he hops aboard, so does Tars Tarkas, determined to ground John's ship and return him to the Tharks. The two battle for control of the ship, but the impatient Chief, still on the ground, commands his army to shoot it down. With the ship being fired upon, and the two still battling on board, the aircraft is thrown off balance and Tars Tarkas flips out of it. Moving quickly, he is able to grab the underside of the landing rail. While dangling off the side of the ship, John offers his friendship and extends his hands to hoist him back aboard. The two warriors agree to be friends, but the ship crashes in the water below none the less. When they surface, they swim to nearby land, wondering if they've just entered the "Valley of Heaven." To be continued.

Appearing in Pellucidar: "Slaves of the Mahars"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Gorilla-Men (Sagoths)
  • A giant raging bull
  • A huge sea-serpent

Other Characters:

  • Ghak, King of Sari
  • Chief Ja the Mezop


  • Phutra



Synopsis for Pellucidar: "Slaves of the Mahars"

David Innes and Abner Perry have been captured by Gorilla-Men. They're placed in a chain gang and head to Phutra -- the home of the hideous Mahars.

During their journey another captive, Hooja the sly one, makes his escape, taking Dian the Beautiful with him.

The Gorilla-Men are angered by this and go into a violent rage. The skirmish is over quickly, and the captives continue to be escorted to the city of the Mahars.

Once at the buried city, full of sprawling mazes, they are herded to an arena where captured slaves must fight against terrible monsters. David and Abner are only witnesses to the event, however, David jumps away from the audience and into the pit to help the slaves within. The giant bull-monster runs amok by David's attack and crashes through the arena's wall. David takes advantage of the confusion and makes a daring escape, popping back up to the grassy fields and finding a boat near a river.

As he paddles away, the owner of the vessel swims after him. A huge sea-serpent suddenly emerges and David throws a spear at it. Meanwhile, the boat owner begins to climb aboard. The serpent continues his attack and together the two men defeat the creature. It seems David as met yet another friend on his strange journey through Pellucidar.

To be continued next issue.


  • "Escape" is adapted from Edgar Rice Burroughs' novel A Princess of Mars.
  • "Slaves of the Mahars" is adapted from Edgar Rice Burroughs' novel At the Earth's Core.
  • "Slaves of the Mahars" inking credit is "C. Bunkers" (Crusty Bunker), which are really a half dozen or so inkers.


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