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Wenonah Littlebird was a Native American Cherokee who was gifted with enhanced senses and the ability to fly. She became the only American citizen to join the international super-hero team the Global Guardians.

After the Global Guardians retired, Wenonah and her former teammate Daniel Cormac were brainwashed by the Queen Bee and helped her to stage a coup against Bialya's military dictator Rumaan Harjavti. [1] Later, Cormac and she staged an elaborate ruse to create public distrust in the Justice League Europe. This strategy resulted in the destruction of the Global Guardians' headquarters, the Dome. [2]


  • Enhanced Senses: Owlwoman possesses enhanced senses as well as the ability to see in the dark with perfect clarity.
  • Gliding: Owlwoman possesses the ability to fly by riding atop of existing wind currents.
  • Claws: Not one of her natural abilities, Owl Woman acquired a power upgrade from the Queen Bee who granted her retractable razor-sharp claws capable of slicing through solid steel.


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