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Not much is known about Wesley's life, but he was a valuable member of the Justice Society of America. When the JSA was targeted by Checkmate, Wesley along with the rest of the JSA were arrested for assorted crimes that they did not commit. During his arrest, Wesley was videotaped holding an injured or dying woman in his arms as riots exploded around him. Their arrests were apparently done to silence or shut-down the JSA. The police, unaware of their identities as super-heroes, held Wesley and the others for days, trying to get them to roll on each other. However, in the end there was no evidence to convict them, and they were let go. Unfortunately, the events caused the group to split-up, each of them going into their own form of retirement.

Years after the splitting up of the JSA, Wesley is now living alone in Metropolis. Despite retiring from his life as a hero, he is still plagued by his prophetic dreams, causing him to fear sleeping and consuming large amounts of coffee to stay awake. However, upon finally falling asleep in his armchair, Wesley had a dream of Sylvester Pemberton being murdered by Icicle. After awaking from his dream, he realized that he was next to be targeted. Choosing to go down fighting, Wesley once again dressed in his old Sandman costume and gas mask. As he examined himself in the mirror, Icicle appeared behind him. The young villain froze him to death, and proceeded to shoot icicles through his body. Later, Clark Kent investigated his home and found his dead body. Before his death however, Sandman managed to write "JSA" in his own blood, thus giving Clark a clue about Wesley's past.


  • Kent Lawson played Wesley Dodds in one episode of season nine. It was a non-speaking role.
  • A Sandman action figure briefly appeared in the episode "Action".



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