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White Lantern Corps

White Lantern Corps 001
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White Lantern Corps
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Swamp Thing, (formerly) Entity
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Blackest Night

In Blackest Night, Hal Jordan, in order to defeat the Black Lantern Corps, severed the connection between the Black Lantern Ring and Superman, and transformed Wonder Woman, Superboy, The Flash, Green Arrow, Animal Man, Donna Troy, Kid Flash, Superman and Ice into White Lanterns, having all attack Black Hand. Later, the White Light resurrected Deadman, Aquaman, Firestorm, Martian Manhunter, Hawk, Maxwell Lord, Captain Boomerang, Professor Zoom, Jade, Hawkman, Hawkgirl and Osiris. Currently, only Deadman possess a White Power Ring, but all momentarily inducted White Lanterns are still considered members, as the White Light still has some degree of control over them.

Back To Life

Deadman learns from the Entity that it is dying and needs to find the "chosen one" to take his place which is Deadman's task. He thought of Hal Jordan as the perfect candidate and as he told the Entity to take him to him. Instead of taking him to Hal Jordan, the White Lantern Ring takes Deadman and Dove to Aquaman and Mera (New Earth). Aquaman explains what the White Lantern told him, to find Jackson Hyde. Deadman questions why the Lantern took him to Aquaman when he could be searching for the Entity's replacement. The ring replies that to find the new Entity, Deadman must help all the other resurrected complete their tasks. Aquaman understands what's at hand and explains to Deadman that for him to succeed he must find and help others and tell them what has to happen.

The White Lantern was recently acquired by Deathstorm (the Black Lantern version of Firestorm) who by infecting it with his essence was able to generate Black Lantern duplicates of the twelve heroes and villains resurrected by the Entity apparently with the goal of preventing them from achieving their missions.

When his White Lantern Ring reaches 100%, Deadman approached Hawkman and Hawkgirl after their mission on Hawkworld. When the Entity wanted them to live separate lives as a secondary labor so that they can live life stronger, Hawkman and Hawkgirl objected to that as Hawkman tries to remove the White Power Ring from Deadman by force. The Entity quoted "So be it" and reduces them to white dust right in front of Deadman's eyes.

Deadman orders the ring to resurrect the two heroes, but the ring refuses saying to Boston that this is part of his plan. The Entity explains that when Nekron attacked the Earth not only did it mortally wound the Entity, but it also heightened the contamination of the planet and that darkness and corruption will rise up in the form of another "dark avatar" who will try to destroy the Star City forest, the key to saving Earth's soul and without the forest life on Earth would fade away and die. The Entity resurrects the twelve characters with different purposes. Some of them, like Hawk, Maxwell Lord and Jade are supposed to prevent further disasters and give Deadman and the Entity more time. But five of them (Aquaman, Firestorm, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman and Hawkgirl) are resurrected in order to overcome what held them back in life (what the Hawks already did by destroying the curse that haunted them) and by completing their tasks. Thus, their lifeforce is purified and the ring takes their essences back because they are essential in saving Earth. Deadman also has a secondary purpose to supply the white ring with power by embracing life.

Later the ring took Deadman to the beach where Aquaman and Aqualad were battling Black Manta and Siren. There the Entity reveals to Deadman that it was the Entity that freed the Xebel soldiers from the Bermuda Triangle in order for Aquaman learn the truth about Mera. While Aquaman's alliance sends the soldiers of Xebel back to the Bermuda Triangle and therefore finishing Aquaman's task, the Entity reduces Aquaman into white dust leaving Mera sorrowful. After Martian Manhunter complete his task, is told by the White Lantern Entity to choose between Mars and Earth. Martian Manhunter chose Earth and returned only to be reduced by the Entity as "part of the plan".


Former Members

  • Sinestro - Possessed by the Entity and discharged from the Corps after Nekron removed the Entity from him.
  • Hal Jordan - Possessed by the Entity, discharged from the Corps after Nekron's defeat.
  • Superman - Discharged from the Corps after Nekron's defeat.
  • Green Arrow - Discharged from the Corps after Nekron's defeat.
  • Kid Flash - Discharged from the Corps after Nekron's defeat.
  • Superboy - Discharged from the Corps after Nekron's defeat.
  • Wonder Woman - Discharged from the Corps after Nekron's defeat.
  • The Flash - Discharged from the Corps after Nekron's defeat.
  • Donna Troy - Discharged from the Corps after Nekron's defeat.
  • Ice - Discharged from the Corps after Nekron's defeat.
  • Animal Man - Discharged from the Corps after Nekron's defeat.
  • Batman - Chosen by Deadman, but discharged after the ring reveals that Batman was not the true heir to the White Light.
  • Deadman - Tasked with locating the new Life Entity. Discharged after completing the task.
  • Simon Baz - Discharged from the Corps after failing to restore Korugar

Labors of the Twelve

The Entity reveals that it is dying and that the twelve heroes and villains were resurrected with the express purpose to complete a task before they can truly live again.

The tasks are as follow:

  • Deadman - Locate "the chosen one" that will take the Entity's place.
  • Hawkman - Prevent Queen Khea from leaving Hawkworld. His labor was completed. Given a second task - Must live life separately to live life stronger. He failed this labor when he did not want to be separated from Hawkgirl again, so the Entity collected his lifeforce.
  • Hawkgirl - Prevent Hath-Set from killing Hawkman. Her labor was completed. Given a second task - Must live life separately to live life stronger. She failed this labor when she did not want to be separated from Hawkman again and her lifeforce was collected by the Entity.
  • Martian Manhunter - Burn down the newly-formed forest on Mars and commit himself to protecting Earth. His labor was completed and his lifeforce was merged afterwards with the planet Earth.
  • Aquaman - Locate Jackson Hyde before Xebel's Death Squad does. His labor was completed and his lifeforce was collected by the Entity afterwards.
  • Firestorm (Ronald Raymond and Jason Rusch) - Learn from each other and defeat the Black Lantern Firestorm (currently calling himself Deathstorm) in the Firestorm Matrix before he destroys the Entity.
  • Hawk - Catch the boomerang that Captain Boomerang throws at Dawn Granger.
  • Professor Zoom - Free Barry Allen from the Speed Force. His labor was already completed.
  • Captain Boomerang - Throw a boomerang at Dawn Granger.
  • Osiris - Save his sister Isis from her fate. His labor was completed.
  • Maxwell Lord - Prevent Magog from plunging the world into war. His labor was completed.
  • Jade - Help her brother Obsidian to "balance the darkness". Her labor was completed.


Equipment: White Lantern Ring, White Lantern Power Battery
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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