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The White Triangle was a secret Daxamite-supremacist organization that adheres to the racist belief that Daxamites are superior to all other beings and that contact with non-Daxamite races is "unclean". Those raised in White Triangle communities are deliberately kept ignorant of the basics of biology and other sciences, so as to maintain their belief in the racial creeds of their society.[1] According to one of their tenants, they believed that the story of the Daxamite hero Valor having "seeded" many of the humanoid races of the galaxy from a common ancestral group (Earth humans) is a lie.[2]

The White Circle's xenophobic doctrine spread to several worlds, including Earth. The organization saw the newly created United Planets and its concept abhorrent, and devoted themselves in plotting its destruction. Blaming industrialist R.J. Brande's stargate technology for making the UP possible, the Triangle ordered one of their followers on Earth, Roderick Doyle (Brande's business partner), to have Brande assassinated during a trip to Earth. However, the assassination was foiled by Rokk Krinn, Imra Ardeen and Garth Ranzz, three teenagers who were on the same ship. Ironically, the failed assassination attempt also inspired Brande to creating the Legion of Super-Heroes.[3] The Triangle later provided Doyle with a bomb to make a second attempt on Brande's life along with the newly-formed Legion and United Planets general assembly in a single stroke, but the Legion foiled their plans again and a mental probe of the assassins revealed Doyle's role.

After Doyle's failure, the White Circle turn to hiring mercenaries to release the prisoners of a supermax private prison called Planet Hell, hoping to use the convicts to destroy the UP and as expendable shock troops.[4] Again, the Legion foiled the plot with the aid of the Workforce.[5][6][7]

The existence of the White Circle remained undetected by the Legion until learning that one of their members, Laurel Gand, codename Andromeda, was raised in a White Circle community. The White Circle directly battled the Legion while inciting several incidents of racial violence and destroying stargates across the galaxy, which culminated in the devastation of the planet Trom, whose population of peaceful transmuters enabled R.J. Brande to develop the stargate technology.[8][9][10] The conflict escalated when Daxamite Ambassador Roxxas, secretly the leader of the White Triangle, forcefully acquired an anti-lead serum from Laurel Gand and used it on himself and four other Daxamites before proceeding to cause mass destruction on Earth. The Legion managed to stop the four Daxamites with the aid of Jan Arrah, the last surviving inhabitant of the planet Trom, while Laurel Gand herself defeated Roxxas.[11] Following Roxxas' apparent death, the Legion and the Science Police went on a galaxy-wide hunt for all active White Triangle cells.[12]


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