Whitney Fordman was a young man who lived in the town of Smallville, Kansas. He was the captain of Smallville High School's football team, the Smallville Crows. During his junior and senior year, Whitney was dating prom queen Lana Lang. This invariably brought him into numerous conflicts with fellow student Clark Kent, who silently pined for Lana, but recognized that she was committed towards her relationship with Whitney.

At first, Whitney did not harbor any personal resentment towards Clark, but he did engage in various pranks against junior classmen such as when his teammates and he tied Clark up in a field as a "Scarecrow" on the night before the Homecoming game. As Whitney came to learn of Lana's growing infatuation with Clark, he grew more belligerent towards him, sometimes even violent. Clark could have easily avoided Whitney's aggressions, but he was always wary that someone might discover the truth about his alien powers.[1]

Whitney's personality underwent a dramatic change after his father passed away. He realized that he wanted to honor his father's memory and he did not want to spend the rest of his life in Smallville. After graduation, Whitney enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and was stationed overseas. His relationship with Lana began to falter by this point, and Lana was spending more and more time with Clark Kent. Whitney Fordman was killed in action while stationed in Indonesia.

Some time later, a shapeshifting stalker named Tina Greer assumed Whitney's identity in order to get close to Lana Lang. It was only after Greer's scheme was exposed that Lana learned the truth about what happened to Whitney in Indonesia.[2]


  • Phasing (formerly): Whitney Fordman once had a tattoo made of ink cultivated from green meteor rock. This temporarily gave him the ability to phase through solid objects.[3]


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic): As a United States marine, Whitney Fordman was trained in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Military Protocol: Whitney Fordman was familiar with the standards and procedures as expected from a member of the United States Marine Corps.
  • Whitney Fordman was portrayed by Eric Johnson.
  • Whitney Fordman was a regular cast member in Season One, but only returned for brief appearances in Season Two. In Season Two, he was seen in flashback in Indonesia at which time demise had been revealed. The villain Tina Greer impersonated Fordman and Eric Johnson reprised the role for this part. In Season Four, Whitney was seen as a High School Student in a flashback again.
  • Height statistic based on the height of actor Eric Johnson.[4]



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