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in: Dick Giordano/Executive Editor, George Pérez/Cover Artist, Len Wein/Writer
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Marv Wolfman/Writer, Mike W. Barr/Writer, Paul Levitz/Writer, Barbara Kesel/Writer, Bob Rozakis/Writer, E. Nelson Bridwell/Writer, Peter Sanderson/Writer, Carmine Infantino/Penciler, Keith Giffen/Penciler, Murphy Anderson/Penciler, Trevor von Eeden/Penciler, Stephen DeStefano/Penciler, George Pérez/Penciler, John Workman/Penciler, Sam Glanzman/Penciler, Mark Gruenwald/Penciler, Rick Stasi/Penciler, Greg Theakston/Penciler, Ross Andru/Penciler, Jim Aparo/Penciler, Jack Kirby/Penciler, Michael T. Gilbert/Penciler, Joe Brozowski/Penciler, Bill Sienkiewicz/Penciler, Don Lomax/Penciler, Rich Buckler/Penciler, Mike Chen/Penciler, Dan Spiegle/Penciler, Bob Smith/Penciler, Scott Shaw/Penciler, Dave Gibbons/Penciler, Marshall Rogers/Penciler, Kurt Schaffenberger/Penciler, Gary Martin/Inker, Bob Smith/Inker, Murphy Anderson/Inker, Dick Giordano/Inker, Karl Kesel/Inker, George Pérez/Inker, John Workman/Inker, Sam Glanzman/Inker, Rick Magyar/Inker, Carlos Villagran/Inker, Greg Theakston/Inker, Terry Austin/Inker, Jim Aparo/Inker, Michael T. Gilbert/Inker, Bill Sienkiewicz/Inker, Steve Mitchell/Inker, Don Lomax/Inker, Romeo Tanghal/Inker, Mike DeCarlo/Inker, Dan Spiegle/Inker, Scott Shaw/Inker, Dave Gibbons/Inker, Marshall Rogers/Inker, Kurt Schaffenberger/Inker, Anthony Tollin/Colourist, Len Wein/Colourist, Tatjana Wood/Colourist, Tom Ziuko/Colourist, Typeset/Letterer, Len Wein/Editor, Marv Wolfman/Editor, Robert Greenberger/Editor, Matrix-Prime (Earth-One)/Appearances, Tenzil Kem (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Mark Mandrill (New Earth)/Appearances, Maximillian Zeus (New Earth)/Appearances, Siegfried Horatio Hunch III (New Earth)/Appearances, Steven Dayton (New Earth)/Appearances, Mera (New Earth)/Appearances, Mercenaries/Appearances, Gordon (Earth-One)/Appearances, Horst Brenner (Earth-One)/Appearances, Philip Edwards (Earth-One)/Appearances, Merlyn (New Earth)/Appearances, Meredith Creamer (New Earth)/Appearances, Roger Corben (Earth-One)/Appearances, Metal Men (New Earth)/Appearances, William Magnus (New Earth)/Appearances, Gold (New Earth)/Appearances, Iron (New Earth)/Appearances, Lead (New Earth)/Appearances, Mercury (New Earth)/Appearances, Nameless (New Earth)/Appearances, Platinum (New Earth)/Appearances, Tin (New Earth)/Appearances, Rex Mason (New Earth)/Appearances, Metron (New Earth)/Appearances, David Clark (Quality Universe)/Appearances, Leah Wasserman (New Earth)/Appearances, Kerry Austin (New Earth)/Appearances, Samuel Scudder (New Earth)/Appearances, Bess Lynn (New Earth)/Appearances, Mist (New Earth)/Appearances, Harold Thompson (New Earth)/Appearances, Mister Atom (Earth-S)/Appearances, Mister E (New Earth)/Appearances, Albert Desmond (New Earth)/Appearances, Victor Fries (New Earth)/Appearances, Mister Mind (Earth-S)/Appearances, Monster Society of Evil (Earth-S)/Appearances, Teth-Adam (Earth-S)/Appearances, Albrecht Krieger (Earth-S)/Appearances, Herkimer (Earth-S)/Appearances, Thaddeus Sivana (Earth-S)/Appearances, Dummy (New Earth)/Appearances, Evil Eye (Earth-S)/Appearances, Goat-Man (Earth-S)/Appearances, Stanley Printwhistle (Earth-S)/Appearances, Jeepers (Earth-S)/Appearances, King Kull (Earth-S)/Appearances, Kurt Filpots (Earth-S)/Appearances, Mister Who (New Earth)/Appearances, Nippo the Nipponese (Earth-S)/Appearances, Nyola (Earth-Two)/Appearances, Oggar (Earth-S)/Appearances, Oom (Earth-Two)/Appearances, Ramulus (New Earth)/Appearances, Scott Free (New Earth)/Appearances, Mister Mxyztplk (Earth-Two)/Appearances, Mister Mxyzptlk (Earth-One)/Appearances, Tawky Tawny (Earth-S)/Appearances, Comics, 1986, 1986, May, 1986, March (Publication), Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe Vol 1, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written

Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe Vol 1 15


Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe Vol 1 15

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"Matrix-Prime – Mister Tawky Tawny": This issue is a reference index providing biographies for characters in the DC Universe.

Appearing in "Matrix-Prime – Mister Tawky Tawny"

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Synopsis for "Matrix-Prime – Mister Tawky Tawny"

This issue is a reference index providing biographies for characters in the DC Universe.


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