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in: Dick Giordano/Executive Editor, George Pérez/Cover Artist, Len Wein/Writer
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Marv Wolfman/Writer, Mike W. Barr/Writer, Joey Cavalieri/Writer, Paul Kupperberg/Writer, Paul Levitz/Writer, Barbara Kesel/Writer, Greg Weisman/Writer, E. Nelson Bridwell/Writer, Peter Sanderson/Writer, Todd Klein/Writer, Cynthia Martin/Penciler, Gene Colan/Penciler, George Pérez/Penciler, Curt Swan/Penciler, Shawn McManus/Penciler, Tom Mandrake/Penciler, Jerry Ordway/Penciler, Jim Aparo/Penciler, Craig Hamilton/Penciler, Jack Kirby/Penciler, Jerome Moore/Penciler, Ric Estrada/Penciler, Carmine Infantino/Penciler, Mike Chen/Penciler, Jose Delbo/Penciler, Denys Cowan/Penciler, Steve Bissette/Penciler, Keith Giffen/Penciler, Howard Bender/Penciler, Todd McFarlane/Penciler, Ron Wilson/Penciler, Joe Rubinstein/Inker, Bob Smith/Inker, George Pérez/Inker, Karl Kesel/Inker, Shawn McManus/Inker, Tom Mandrake/Inker, Mike Machlan/Inker, Jim Aparo/Inker, Craig Hamilton/Inker, Dick Giordano/Inker, Greg Theakston/Inker, Dell Barras/Inker, Ric Estrada/Inker, Joe Delbeato/Inker, Frank McLaughlin/Inker, Steve Bissette/Inker, Gary Martin/Inker, Bill Wray/Inker, Rick Magyar/Inker, Pablo Marcos/Inker, Anthony Tollin/Colourist, Len Wein/Colourist, Tatjana Wood/Colourist, Tom Ziuko/Colourist, Typeset/Letterer, Robert Greenberger/Editor, Len Wein/Editor, Marv Wolfman/Editor, Eve Eden (Earth-Four)/Appearances, Anton Knight (Earth-One)/Appearances, Richard Grayson (New Earth)/Appearances, Ak-Var (Earth-One)/Appearances, Nimbus (New Earth)/Appearances, Natalia Knight (New Earth)/Appearances, Norda Cantrell (New Earth)/Appearances, Nuclear Family (New Earth)/Appearances, Albert Rothstein (New Earth)/Appearances, Todd Rice (New Earth)/Appearances, Orm Marius (New Earth)/Appearances, Gods of Olympus/Appearances, Aphrodite (New Earth)/Appearances, Phoebus Apollo (New Earth)/Appearances, Ares (New Earth)/Appearances, Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt (New Earth)/Appearances, Pallas Athena (New Earth)/Appearances, Demeter (New Earth)/Appearances, Hephaestus (New Earth)/Appearances, Hera (New Earth)/Appearances, Hermes (New Earth)/Appearances, Hestia (New Earth)/Appearances, Poseidon (New Earth)/Appearances, Zeus (New Earth)/Appearances, Buddy Blank (Earth-AD)/Appearances, Omega Men (New Earth)/Appearances, Artin (New Earth)/Appearances, Lambien (New Earth)/Appearances, Charis-Nar (New Earth)/Appearances, Duarmzshee-Paan (New Earth)/Appearances, Doc (New Earth)/Appearances, Lonocelu Ospho (New Earth)/Appearances, Felicity (New Earth)/Appearances, Green Man (New Earth)/Appearances, A'Hwiirdh-Paan'A (New Earth)/Appearances, Kalista (New Earth)/Appearances, Oho-Besh (New Earth)/Appearances, Pren (New Earth)/Appearances, Ryand'r (New Earth)/Appearances, Rynoc (New Earth)/Appearances, Shlagen (New Earth)/Appearances, Taghurrhu (New Earth)/Appearances, Uhlan (New Earth)/Appearances, Yndamaati (New Earth)/Appearances, Zirral (New Earth)/Appearances, Onyx Adams (New Earth)/Appearances, Orion (New Earth)/Appearances, Office of Strategic Services/Appearances, Control (New Earth)/Appearances, Dina (New Earth)/Appearances, Falcon (New Earth)/Appearances, Fleur (New Earth)/Appearances, Sorcerer (New Earth)/Appearances, Alfred Pennyworth (New Earth)/Appearances, Outsiders (New Earth)/Appearances, Jefferson Pierce (New Earth)/Appearances, Helga Jace (New Earth)/Appearances, Brion Markov (New Earth)/Appearances, Gabrielle Doe (New Earth)/Appearances, Tatsu Yamashiro (New Earth)/Appearances, Emily Briggs (New Earth)/Appearances, Rex Mason (New Earth)/Appearances, Tukla Oly (Atari Force)/Appearances, Maxwell Jensen (Earth-One)/Appearances, Kell Mossa (Pre-Crisis)/Appearances, Gregori Arcane (New Earth)/Appearances, Christopher Smith (Earth-Four)/Appearances, Oswald Cobblepot (New Earth)/Appearances, Per Degaton (New Earth)/Appearances, Nyeun Chun Ti (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Outsiders Headquarters/Appearances, Paradise Island/Appearances, Comics, 1986, 1986, July, April 16, 1986 (Publication), 1986, April (Publication), Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe Vol 1, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written

Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe Vol 1 17


Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe Vol 1 17

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"Nightshade–Persuader": This issue is a reference index providing biographies for characters in the DC Universe.

Appearing in "Nightshade–Persuader"

Featured Characters:


Synopsis for "Nightshade–Persuader"

This issue is a reference index providing biographies for characters in the DC Universe.


  • This book was first published on April 17, 1986.
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