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in: Dick Giordano/Executive Editor, John Byrne/Cover Artist, Len Wein/Writer
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Mike W. Barr/Writer, Joey Cavalieri/Writer, Paul Levitz/Writer, John Ostrander/Writer, Bob Rozakis/Writer, Greg Weisman/Writer, E. Nelson Bridwell/Writer, Peter Sanderson/Writer, Todd Klein/Writer, Mike Vosburg/Penciler, George Pérez/Penciler, Gil Kane/Penciler, Chuck Patton/Penciler, Chris Warner/Penciler, Steve Ditko/Penciler, Ian Akin/Penciler, Mark Wheatley/Penciler, Jerome Moore/Penciler, Jack Kirby/Penciler, Joe Brozowski/Penciler, Ron Wagner/Penciler, Richard Bruning/Penciler, George Tuska/Penciler, Mark Badger/Penciler, Luke McDonnell/Penciler, José Luis García-López/Penciler, Denys Cowan/Penciler, Dan Jurgens/Penciler, Curt Swan/Penciler, Carmine Infantino/Penciler, Jim Mooney/Penciler, Wayne Boring/Penciler, Steve Bissette/Penciler, Trevor von Eeden/Penciler, Mike Vosburg/Inker, George Pérez/Inker, Gil Kane/Inker, Bob Smith/Inker, Chris Warner/Inker, Romeo Tanghal/Inker, Ian Akin/Inker, Mark Wheatley/Inker, Larry Mahlstedt/Inker, Dell Barras/Inker, Terry Austin/Inker, Roy Richardson/Inker, Carlos Garzón/Inker, Karl Kesel/Inker, Joe Rubinstein/Inker, Mark Badger/Inker, Rick Magyar/Inker, José Luis García-López/Inker, Randy Emberlin/Inker, Steve Mitchell/Inker, Dick Giordano/Inker, Jim Mooney/Inker, Jerry Ordway/Inker, John Byrne/Inker, John Totleben/Inker, Trevor von Eeden/Inker, Anthony Tollin/Colourist, Len Wein/Colourist, Tatjana Wood/Colourist, Tom Ziuko/Colourist, Typeset/Letterer, Robert Greenberger/Editor, Len Wein/Editor, Starfire (New Earth)/Appearances, Koriand'r (New Earth)/Appearances, Star Hawkins (New Earth)/Appearances, Star Hunters/Appearances, Bruce Sellers (Star Hunters)/Appearances, Darcy Vale (Star Hunters)/Appearances, Donovan Flint (Star Hunters)/Appearances, Jake Hammersmith (Star Hunters)/Appearances, Mindy Yano (Star Hunters)/Appearances, Theodore McGavin (Star Hunters)/Appearances, Theodore Knight (New Earth)/Appearances, Gavyn (New Earth)/Appearances, Starro (New Earth)/Appearances, Star Rovers (Earth-One)/Appearances, Homer Gint (Earth-One)/Appearances, Karel Sorensen (Earth-One)/Appearances, Richard Purvis (Earth-One)/Appearances, Carol Ferris (New Earth)/Appearances, Henry Heywood III (New Earth)/Appearances, Thomas Bolt (New Earth)/Appearances, Steppenwolf (New Earth)/Appearances, Sterling Silversmith (Earth-One)/Appearances, Stiletta (Hex Timeline)/Appearances, Dag Wentim (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Patrick Dugan (New Earth)/Appearances, Strong Bow (New Earth)/Appearances, Suicide Squad (New Earth)/Appearances, Dirk Morgna (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Takeo Sato (New Earth)/Appearances, Sun Devils/Appearances, Anomie Zitar (Sun Devils)/Appearances, Mi-Yin (Sun Devils)/Appearances, One (Sun Devils)/Appearances, Two (Sun Devils)/Appearances, Three (Sun Devils)/Appearances, Pook (Sun Devils)/Appearances, Rik Sunn (Sun Devils)/Appearances, Scyla (Sun Devils)/Appearances, Shikon (Sun Devils)/Appearances, Sun-Eaters/Appearances, Flying Stag (New Earth)/Appearances, Kara Zor-El (Earth-One)/Appearances, Kal-L (Earth-Two)/Appearances, Kal-El (New Earth)/Appearances, Swamp Thing (New Earth)/Appearances, Syonide II (New Earth)/Appearances, Comics, 1986, 1986, December, 1986, October (Publication), Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe Vol 1, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written

Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe Vol 1 22


Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe Vol 1 22

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"Starfire–Syonide": This issue is a reference index providing biographies for characters in the DC Universe.

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Synopsis for "Starfire–Syonide"

This issue is a reference index providing biographies for characters in the DC Universe.



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