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in: Dick Giordano/Executive Editor, George Pérez/Cover Artist, Dick Giordano/Cover Artist
, and 117 more
Len Wein/Writer, Marv Wolfman/Writer, Todd Klein/Writer, Paul Levitz/Writer, Robert Greenberger/Writer, Peter Sanderson/Writer, E. Nelson Bridwell/Writer, Gil Kane/Penciler, Brent Anderson/Penciler, Don Heck/Penciler, Tod Smith/Penciler, Keith Giffen/Penciler, Marshall Rogers/Penciler, Dan Spiegle/Penciler, Carmine Infantino/Penciler, Eduardo Barreto/Penciler, Steve Lightle/Penciler, Jerry Ordway/Penciler, Curt Swan/Penciler, Chuck Patton/Penciler, Howard Bender/Penciler, Jerry Bingham/Penciler, Pat Broderick/Penciler, Richard Howell/Penciler, Tom Mandrake/Penciler, Trevor von Eeden/Penciler, Jack Kirby/Penciler, Dave Gibbons/Penciler, Denys Cowan/Penciler, Paris Cullins/Penciler, Ed Hannigan/Penciler, George Pérez/Penciler, Gil Kane/Inker, Brent Anderson/Inker, Don Heck/Inker, Tod Smith/Inker, Pablo Marcos/Inker, Marshall Rogers/Inker, Dan Spiegle/Inker, Bob Smith/Inker, Klaus Janson/Inker, Eduardo Barreto/Inker, Bob Oksner/Inker, Bill Wray/Inker, Jerry Ordway/Inker, Murphy Anderson/Inker, Gary Martin/Inker, Frank Giacoia/Inker, Jerry Bingham/Inker, Pat Broderick/Inker, Karl Kesel/Inker, Tom Mandrake/Inker, Larry Mahlstedt/Inker, Dick Giordano/Inker, Greg Theakston/Inker, Dave Gibbons/Inker, Steve Mitchell/Inker, Terry Austin/Inker, Romeo Tanghal/Inker, Len Wein/Colourist, Tom Ziuko/Colourist, Typeset/Letterer, Len Wein/Editor, Marv Wolfman/Editor, Robert Greenberger/Editor, David Clinton (New Earth)/Appearances, Katherine Manser (New Earth)/Appearances, Circe (Earth-One)/Appearances, Citadel/Appearances, Valcan (New Earth)/Appearances, Basil Karlo (New Earth)/Appearances, Matthew Hagen (New Earth)/Appearances, Preston Payne (New Earth)/Appearances, William Tockman (New Earth)/Appearances, Arthur Brown (New Earth)/Appearances, Basil Nurblin (New Earth)/Appearances, Edmond Hamilton (Earth-One)/Appearances, Ulu Vakk (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Gim Allon (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Henry Heywood, Sr. (New Earth)/Appearances, Joseph Meach (Earth-One)/Appearances, Computo (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, William Glenmorgan (New Earth)/Appearances, Congorilla (New Earth)/Appearances, Construct (New Earth)/Appearances, Controllers/Appearances, Copperhead (New Earth)/Appearances, Rokk Krinn (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Laevar Bolto (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Council III/Appearances, Werner Vertigo (New Earth)/Appearances, Paul Dekker (New Earth)/Appearances, Creature Commandos (New Earth)/Appearances, Myrra Rhodes (New Earth)/Appearances, Elliot Taylor (New Earth)/Appearances, Matthew Shrieve (New Earth)/Appearances, Vincent Velcoro (New Earth)/Appearances, Warren Griffith (New Earth)/Appearances, Jack Ryder (New Earth)/Appearances, Bradford Thorne (New Earth)/Appearances, Crime Syndicate of America (Earth-Three)/Appearances, Johnny Quick (Earth-Three)/Appearances, Owlman (Earth-Three)/Appearances, Power Ring (Earth-Three)/Appearances, Super-Woman (Earth-Three)/Appearances, Ultraman (Earth-Three)/Appearances, Lee Travis (New Earth)/Appearances, Waylon Jones (New Earth)/Appearances, Victor Stone (New Earth)/Appearances, Terrence Kurtzberger (New Earth)/Appearances, Comics, 1985, 1985, July, 1985, May (Publication), Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe Vol 1, Copper-Age, Synopsis Written

Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe Vol 1 5


Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe Vol 1 5

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"Chronos–Cyclotron": This issue is a reference index providing biographies for characters in the DC Universe.

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Synopsis for "Chronos–Cyclotron"

This issue is a reference index providing biographies for characters in the DC Universe.


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