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"Cat's Eyes: Spaceside": Void wakes up. She is in Coincidental Mansion, on the Plaza of Cascading Lights, on Khera. Preparing for what she is sure will be an eventful day, she sets out to see her friends, pausing only to put on the human face which hides most of her nonhuman nature.

Quote1 God, you still haven't worked it out, have you? You people come to the magic planet an' stay at the science-fiction hotels, an you see nothing... Quote2
-- Piscilla Kitaen (Voodoo)

Appearing in "Cat's Eyes: Spaceside"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • The Pantheon
    • Lord Vulk
      • Spartan Innocent
    • Lord Herm
      • Spartan Pius
    • Lord Jup
      • Spartan Leo
  • The Shapers' Guild
  • Razzri


Other Characters:


  • Khera
    • Bay of Numbers
      • Tower of Red Lament
    • Lord Emp's Smart-ice villa
    • Bug Street
    • Plaza of Cascading Lights
      • Concidental Mansion


  • Calderoc the Computer-Sword


Synopsis for "Cat's Eyes: Spaceside"

Void wakes up. She is in Coincidental Mansion, on the Plaza of Cascading Lights, on Khera. Preparing for what she is sure will be an eventful day, she sets out to see her friends, pausing only to put on the human face which hides most of her nonhuman nature.

In the lobby, she meets Maul, who is setting out to do some sightseeing armed with the map the Titanothrope woman gave him yesterday. Warblade has already left, receiving an invitation from a group on Khera called the Shapers' Guild who share his powers. Voodoo, meanwhile, never showed up last night, and Maul has no idea where Zealot or Emp are. Maul sets out, leaving Void to find her friends.

At the Shapers' Guild caverns, she finds Warblade training under the Kheran shapeshifter Proteus, who is he basis of the legendary Greek demigod of the same name. Content that he is well, she leaves Warblade to learn new techniques.

Void finds Zealot - or Zannah, as she already prefers to be called - at her ancestral palace, the Tower of Red Lament. She has been welcomed back with open arms by the Coda Sisterhood, who have gifted her with the sentient computer-sword Calderoc and offered her a eat on the Kheran Grand Council. However, this may cost her her friendship with Emp, who is being groomed for a similar role for the Pantheon. Troubled that Zannah is so accepting of events, Void sets out again.

She finds Hadrian engaged in a game of plasma-tag with three other Spartan Model bodyguard robots. The other three are young and foolish, but Hadrian calls time to escort his friend through to Emp. Inside, she finds a group of Kheran lords discussing Emp political future, spinning him as the warrior leader of the WildC.A.T.s and using that to gain votes. In addition, they are discussing a plan to use a prophecy of a Pantheon leader who will preside over a Golden Age to great advantage in their campaign literature. Troubled by this, and by Emp reference to Voodoo living in the "lower-caste quarters", Void departs again.

Void finally tracks down Voodoo on Bug Street, the Daemonite ghetto of this administrative region. Voodoo explains that when she arrived here, she assumed the Daemonites would kill her, so she attacked the first group she saw, unfortunately a street gang, but the rest of the people on the street prevented it from getting too serious. She is currently staying with a Daemonite woman named Razzri, who took pity on her. In the last twenty-four hours, she has heard about the ultimate course of the Kherubim/Daemonite war: the Daemonites had to declare bankruptsy, and the Kherans used this to execute their nobility in a series of show trials and then saddle the survivors with a horrific war debt. The Daemonites on Khera began as refugees, but are trapped as a permanent underclass. For three hundred years, the war has been over. Earth was never told because Earth was unimportant.

Void is speechless.

Appearing in "Earthside"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Earthside"

After the successful subversion of the criminal Ladytron to their team, WildC.A.T.s II has decided, at the suggestion of TAO, to go after criminals before they become a threat. They are starting with the criminal cyborg known as H.A.R.M., whose group, the Troika, is a key part of the super-merc community.

TAO distracts the target by knocking on his front door and engaging him in conversation, allowing Mister Majestic to drop Ladytron through the roof and engage him physically. The rest of the team comes in after her, but after a confusing few minutes, H.A.R.M. has lost one arm and is throttling Savant with the other. At the advice of TAO, Condition Red shoots H.A.R.M. in his exposed brain.

In the aftermath, there is shouting, blame, and much talk of wanting to H.A.R.M. alive, but it is too late...


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  • The "promotional image" pulled from Hadrian's brain is the cover of WildC.A.T.s #1.
  • The assertion that Earth was too unimportant to be made aware of the end of the war would stand in continuity until 2009.
  • At one point, Ladytron mentions wanting to fight a "big-name cyborg, like Overt-Kill.". Overt-Kill is a perennial cyborg foe of Spawn.

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