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WildC.A.T.s Vol 1 26


WildC.A.T.s Vol 1 26

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"Cat'spaws: Khera": In the Spartan Guard stables of Lord Emp, Hadrian activates. His programming means he must serve Emp throughout the day, but in his duty he has seen Kheran politics split the team on sexist and racist lines. Thus, he has set an alarm: in the middle of the night he can investi

Quote1 Losing it. Prompt zero zero nine. Run test program Alpha: "See the sky. The sky is blue (BLUE). See the grass. The grass is..." Black. The grass is black. Error. Error. Error... Quote2
-- Spartan Hadrian

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Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Cat'spaws: Khera"

In the Spartan Guard stables of Lord Emp, Hadrian activates. His programming means he must serve Emp throughout the day, but in his duty he has seen Kheran politics split the team on sexist and racist lines. Thus, he has set an alarm: in the middle of the night he can investigate freely. His first stop is Emp himself, whose amnesiac life on Earth has suddenly given way to his current position. Hadrian recalls a recent conversation with Emp, in which he revealed that he doesn't believe that he is the Pantheon political group's prophesied messiah, but is going along with their plan. Spartan judges that Emp cannot help him, and flies away.

Travelling into the city, he finds Coincidental Mansion, where Warblade was just wondering how long he could keep away. Void explains that Voodoo and Maul have left in disgust. Hadrian cannot believe that culture shock is accomplishing what all their villains could not, but as he cannot find information among them, so he leaves.

In Down-Town, the Titanothrope district, Hadrian notices the dislike of the locals for people like him. Nevertheless he finds Maul and his new girlfriend Glingo, who are not optimistic about the upcoming elections. Glingo starts saying that she supports her brother, a street thug with dreams of anti-government terrorism, but Maul talks her down. Leaving, Hadrian remembers that he has his own girlfriend to find.

Tracking her down in Bug Street, she is initially hostile, but he promises to be there for her as much as he can. Before leaving for more information, he kisses her. Flying away, he realises he has never done that before. This is mildly exciting to him.

He has one last friend to check in on: Zealot. At the Tower of Red Lament, her hereditary stronghold, he finds her asleep, being watched over by the Coda Sisterhood. Eavesdropping, he discovers that they are planning to assassinate her at the elections tomorrow in a fashion whereby the Titanothrope minority will be blamed, giving the more hardline Coda control of the government.

Before he can leave, Spartan is caught by a Coda sentry, and sent off for memory-surgery. When next he is seen, he is in an alleyway with a gaping headwound and a carefree attitude...

Appearing in "Earth"

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Synopsis for "Earth"

A group is gathering in a small room to watch an episode of the popular reality television show, "Fuzz". But this is no ordiary group - they seem unusually invested in the safety of the criminals, and one is lecturing the others, providing commentary. This is, also, no ordinary episode - it features the Wildcats.

The episode opens with a detective at a crimescene, when a woman in a trenchcoat accosts him. Trying to get away, the detective is punched, revealing he actually the shapeshifting villain named Mister White. Despite his best efforts, White is outflanked by a group waiting behind the building and eventually overpowered by Mister Majestic. Violent justice is seen to prevail.

The episode ends, and we see that the group in the room is a collection of the greatest villains on the planet. They have been assembled by Deathtrap to stop the Wildcats, and despite the fact that they hate each other, they fear the heroes more. They agree to unite and go to war.


  • Some of the villains in "Earth" are no longer contemporaneous with the Wildstorm Universe, being from other comics published by Image.
  • The cop show, "Fuzz", is a thinly-veiled version of the real world's "Cops".


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