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Wildcats: World's End Vol 1 8


Wildcats: World's End Vol 1 8

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"Computer Love": Ladytron sits and listens to Grifter, Zealot, and Warblade discuss Nemesis and Jodi's departure. She becomes disgusted with what she considers a bunch of whining and jumping out the window.

Quote1Nemesis loved Majestic. Maybe it's as simple as that.Quote2: Reno Bryce
Quote1Yeah--"loved," past tense. As in before he went nuts and turned into hippie Hitler.Quote2: Cole Cash

Appearing in "Computer Love"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Church of Gort


Other Characters:


Synopsis for "Computer Love"

Ladytron sits and listens to Grifter, Zealot, and Warblade discuss Nemesis and Jodi's departure. She becomes disgusted with what she considers a bunch of whining and jumping out the window.

While walking through the ruins of Los Angeles, she comes upon a trio of humans about to take out a robot and use it's power source for themselves. This does not bode well with Ladytron and she rescues the robot from the humans. She learns that the robot is a member of the Church of Gort, a group strictly for robotic beings. Ladytron is a member of the church. She soon learns that he's just one of a group of robots hiding in the sewers. He takes them to the others.

She finds robots from all walks of life and functionality. But they are all convinced that with the end of the world, their end has come as well. But Ladytron tries to rally them together and convince them that it is not the end, but the beginning for them. She also tells them that they can help against the Daemonites who have recently set up camp in Los Angeles.

A group of Daemonites are attacking the humans who attacked Ladytron's robot friend earlier. They are clearly violating their treaty with the Wildcats but attack anyway. But Ladytron and her robot friends come to the aide of the humans. With the Daemonites on the run, Ladytron celebrates her victory with the others. She declares to the humans that both they and the robots need each other to survive in this new world.

Ladytron heads back to Halo Tower to find the Wildcats scrambling. She asks what's going on and Grifter informs her that they got an emergency message from Jodi in Hawaii. She pleads to the Wildcats to be rescued from Majestic.

Appearing in "Defile: A Narrow Pass - Part One: Rapier"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Synopsis for "Defile: A Narrow Pass - Part One: Rapier"

Lord Defile sits on his throne of bones, deep below New York, musing about the end of the world. Suddenly, he senses something that enrages him. He says 'Rapier' is coming and he will seize the Earth and take it for Daemon. His servants think this is good but Defile tells them that no one, not man or Daemon, will stand in the way of his dominion over the Earth.



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