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in: Issues Rated M, Comics Published by WildStorm Productions, Jim Lee/Executive Editor Dustin Nguyen/Cover Artist, Rian Hughes/Cover Artist, Joe Casey/Writer, Dustin Nguyen/Penciler, Richard Friend/Inker, Randy Mayor/Colourist, Richard Starkings/Letterer, Comicraft/Letterer, Ben Abernathy/Editor, Kristy Quinn/Editor, Cole Cash (Wildstorm Universe)/Appearances, Yohn Kohl (Wildstorm Universe)/Appearances, Cecilia Rendozzo (Wildstorm Universe)/Appearances, Agent Wax (Wildstorm Universe)/Appearances, Edwin Dolby (Wildstorm Universe)/Appearances, Agent Orange (Wildstorm Universe)/Appearances, Jeremy Stone (Wildstorm Universe)/Appearances, Halo Corporation/Appearances, Comics, 2003, 2003, February, December 25, 2002 (Publication), 2002, December (Publication), Wildcats Version 3.0 Vol 1, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written

Wildcats Version 3.0 Vol 1 5


Wildcats Version 3.0 Vol 1 5

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"": Grifter is brutally throttle around the room by Agent Orange as he remembers his previous encounter with the inhumanely strong Orange in Miami.

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Grifter is brutally throttle around the room by Agent Orange as he remembers his previous encounter with the inhumanely strong Orange in Miami.

At the Halo Corporation, Dolby and Garfield waits for Marlowe who shows up as he only needs to see the latter. Marlowe privately talks with him in using his skills in managing another accountant firm. Garfield is flabbergast in hearing this in which Marlowe reaffirms him that he is only providing him an opportunity to excel what he is most suited for. Marlowe then cuts their conversation short as he teleports away.

Agent Orange has his foot on Grifter's head and prepares to shoot him. Fortunately, Marlowe phase in and teleport away Agent Orange. He then examines Grifter's legs and finds them shattered, considering an unexpected hindrance. He telelports himself and Grifter away shortly before Agent Wax, C.C. Rendozzo and her men arrives.

Noticing that Grifter and Orange are missing, they find the unconscious bodies of the mother and daughter and had them tied up. C.C. has the mother awaken and hypnotize by Wax as to who she and the nuclear family are: she reveals that they are the FBI's "nuclear family program" in which agents are trained and are chemically and bionically enhanced to fit the appearance, while the 'children' are actually age retarded adults. They were charged to maintain Orange until his superiors could determine his rehabilitation path. When raising of Orange's whereabouts, the mother honestly doesn't know in which this is proven after C.C.'s men had searched the entire house. C.C. then suspects that she is being had and threatens to shoot Wax. However, they then come into conflict with the father and son. C.C., Wax, and very few of C.C.'s surviving men escape by truck. C.C. then resume to threaten Wax but he is teleport away by Marlowe. C.C. screams Marlowe's name in anger.


  • This book was first published on December 26, 2002.
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