Wilde Norton was once a member of the American armed forces. While home on leave, he was visiting his family when the Joker suddenly attacked them, slaughtering his parents as well as his brother and sister. It was one of the Joker's earliest known murder sprees. Wilde survived, but spent a lifetime obsessed with avenging his family against their killer. Years passed, until one day he met Jeremiah Arkham, the lead administrator of the original Arkham Asylum. In exchange for a copy of the Joker's medical records, Wilde promised Arkham that he would bring the Joker back for rehabilitation. Wilde had no intention of bringing the Joker back alive however. He soon tracked him down to an abandoned mansion on Mercey Island. He interrupted a fight between the Joker and Batman in the hopes of finishing the Joker off once and for all. He fired a shot into the Joker's hand and one through his knee, but the Joker managed to spray him in the face with a blast of Joker venom before making his escape. The gas sent Wilde into fits of uncontrollable laughter and he was soon remanded to the care of Doctor Jeremiah Arkham.