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Born in the 27th century where he worked as a physicist.

After he created a small time travelling device that formed a tachyon field around him. The device itself had one flaw, it let him travel in only one direction the past. Ready to put his device in use he planned a backward crime spree. He researched beforehand and hired criminal muscles along the way.

One of his targets was the Gotham Museum of Antiquities where he hired Killer Moth the robbery didn't go as planned when Killer Moth was stopped in his robbery attempts by Batgirl and The King but instead of stopping Dalbert they gave him the loot and suggested he should donate some of his new funds to a children hospital. These two partners were the sibling Booster Gold and Goldstar that fixed an anomaly in time: See Gotham Museum of Antiquities for further details. Further in the past he did spend his stolen loot on public works like hospitals. One of them was a children hospital.

He settled down in Gotham City in the 1870's. Where he lived as a millionaire philanthropist and died in the year of 1905.