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William Batson (DCAU)


William Batson (DCAU)

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Quote1 I don't have to use the wisdom of Solomon to figure out... I could use some help! Quote2
-- Captain Marvel src

Billy Batson, while still attending elementary school, became a member of the Justice League through his superhero identity Captain Marvel. However, a fight between himself and Superman that was secretly engineered by Lex Luthor caused Billy to see that the main heroes of that league that he looked up to -- particularly Superman -- were no longer acting like heroes and after the fight Billy resigned his membership in order to keep his morals and idealism intact.



  • Although Captain Marvel never appeared on-screen until "Clash", someone who looks like a slightly older Billy Batson makes a cameo appearance in the The New Superman Adventures episode "Obsession." He is among the reporters covering the fashion show early in the episode.
  • The use of the lightning bolts as a weapon against Superman in "Clash" was previously used in the Elseworlds story Kingdom Come during a battle scene at the "Gulag" in issue #4.



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