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Quote1 I may not be a superhero like Captain Marvel but I've always been pretty grown up for my age. I work as a reporter for Whiz Media. And I smell a story. Quote2
-- Billy Batson src

The specific history and background of the Earth-5 Captain Marvel is presently unrevealed, but seemed to be more parallel to that the Pre-Crisis Earth-S reality than that of the William Batson of New Earth, especially in his power basis and attitude.

It is suggested that this Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family of Earth-5 have fought Mister Atom around the time of the Infinite Crisis.

During Final Crisis, he was approached by Monitor Zillo Valla, who secured his help by promising to help him find the last chunk of the Rock of Eternity, which he needed to avert a Crisis on his planet. He joined her team of Supermen, led by Superman. As her craft, the "Ultima Thule", was chased by the destroyer "Echo of Midnight", he was only able to survive with the speed of Mercury.

On Earth-51, he broke up an argument between Superman and Ultraman and helped investigate the Library of Limbo. He saw the origin of the Monitors, but the shock returned him into Billy Batson, who was unable to remember the magic word to change him back. Protected by Superman, Billy was taken back to the Ultima Thule, where he was present for Ultraman's betrayal.[1]

Billy Batson protected Zillo Valla from Overman who sought to kill her. In return for Billy's protection, Zillo Valla told Batson the magic word which allowed Batson to bring forth Captain Marvel again and continue the mission to save the 52 multiverse. They were able to defeat the invasion force trying to destroy Earth-51, but Superman recognized that Mandrakk would rise again.

Knowing that he would need help to defeat him, Superman asked Captain Marvel and Overman to recruit the Supermen of the Multiverse in the hopes that they would be able to defeat Mandrakk. Once he had assembled the Supermen, Captain Marvel lead them in an attack on Mandrakk and his slave Ultraman. The Supermen killed Ultraman and weakened Mandrakk enough for Hal Jordan and the Green Lanterns to drive a stake through his heart.



  • While it is presently known that Batson and Marvel are two separate beings who are magically linked, the specific power, background and nature of the Earth-5 Captain Marvel remains unspecified at this point though seem to reflect his Pre-Crisis Earth-S counterpart.

Captain Marvel's specific background before he was merged with Batson remains unknown at this point. It is also unknown if Marvel was a specific person or only existed as a mystical creation of the wizard Shazam.

  • Earth-5 Billy Batson has freckles on his face unlike either the New Earth Batson or the Pre Crisis Earth-S Batson.
  • Captain Marvel has met the New Earth Superman before the events in "Final Crisis: Superman Beyond" mini-series. This meeting suggests that the Earth-5 Captain Marvel has also met the New Earth Captain Marvel. Though if they have met, such meeting between the Earth-5 and New Earth Captain Marvels remain unpublished.


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