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An excellent college athlete from Kansas University, Dollar Bill was employed as a masked vigilante for one of the major banks in New York City, an in-house superhero. His name and costume was designed specially to represent the bank.


During the 1940s, Dollar Bill was one of masked vigilantes asked to join The Minutemen. He had a variety of adventurers with the team until the time of his death.


In 1947, while he was trying to stop a bank robbery, his cape was caught in one of the bank's revolving doors; caught and helpless he was then shot in the head at close range ending his 11 year masked career and life.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic): Although never formally trained he gained the ability to fight hard through years of experience.[1]
  • Wrestling: Bill was an accomplished wrestler, one of his many athletic achievements.[1]
  • Hollis Mason speculated in his novel Under the Hood that if Dollar Bill designed his own costume and gotten rid of his cape, he would still be alive today.
    • This was furthered when Bill himself was recapping his life he said that he had never liked the cape and would've gotten rid of it years ago.[1]



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