William Brannon was a bio-technician for the United States Department of Defense. Years ago, his wife Laura and he were in Metropolis on the day that Superman lost his life battling the monstrous Doomsday. Laura was killed when a pile of debris collapsed upon her in Metropolis Circle. For years, Brannon resented Superman for the fact that he managed to return from the dead, yet his wife was still deceased. Later in life, Brannon was recruited as part of a special top-secret government agency called the Last Line. Led by Amanda Waller, the Last Line's primary function was to protect humanity in the event that Superman should ever turn against the United States.

Brannon and his peers were headquartered in a secret underground annex in Kansas. Each of them were provided with weapons and equipment designed to surpass every one of Superman's Kryptonian abilities. When Superman and his colleague Batman engaged upon a quest to rid the world of Kryptonite, they investigated a trail of evidence that led them back to Kansas and the Last Line's hidden bunker. Accusing the "World's Finest" of trespassing on government property, Brannon ordered their arrest. Superman and Batman refused to surrender to the Last Line and a fight immediately broke out. Brannon still blamed Superman for the death of his wife, but soon discovered that the Last Line was more than what he had believed. When he discovered that his rampaging teammate "All-American Boy" was actually a mutated Kansas farm boy named Josh Walker due to Waller, Brannon ceased hostilities against Superman and helped Batman into calming down Walker from his path of destruction.


  • Kryptonite Laser Eyes: Brannon eyes modeled after Superman's which allow him to shoot beams of Kryptonite energy.
  • Kryptonite rifle



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