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Captain Thunder is a name used by several characters in the DC Universe. The original was Willie Fawcett, created as a DC Comics analogue to Captain Marvel.
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Young Willie Fawcett appears in Metropolis and doesn't recognize its famous protector, Superman. Spotting a robbery of an amored car, he rubs his belt buckle and says "Thunder!", tranforming into the super-powerful Captain Thunder.

William Fawcett (Earth-T) 002
Willie Fawcett says the magic word

For some reason, he decides to assist the robbers and briefly fights Superman before fleeing into his Fawcett identity. Willie thinks he's landed in a future earth and seeks help from Superman via his friend, Clark Kent. Willie explains that he is Captain Thunder and gained his powers from an old Indian.

William Fawcett (Earth-T) 003
Power Source
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Willie tells Clark about battling the Monster League of Evil across 1953 dimensions. After imprisoning them, they note that they have done something to him.

Believing his story, but unsure if Willie is, in fact, Captain Thunder, Clark takes Willie to a police station to see if he's been reported missing. Willie instinctively turns into Thunder to prevent a crime, and Thunder's evil persona takes over again. Superman tricks him into using his wisdom to figure out what happened and find his way home to his parallel earth.

William Fawcett (Earth-T) 004
Captain Thunder battles Superman
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Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Similar to those of Captain Marvel but now his powers are from

  • Tornado=power
  • Hare=speed
  • Uncas=bravery
  • Nature=wisdom
  • Diamond=toughness
  • Eagle=flight
  • Ram=tenacity


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