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Formerly a daredevil, he seems to be the most active and visible member of the Four, often venturing along with their clean-up crews to take care of any problems. William Leather's mother, Miriam, was the wife of Bret Leather, The Dark Millionaire, one of the Century Babies and son of the Dead Ranger. However, Miriam cheated on Bret with a loan shark, William's biological father. Cheated of the awesome powers Leather would have passed on to his son, William joined Randall Dowling. Leather was recently captured and placed in Planetary custody. Snow mercilessly tortured and eventually blinded him during an interrogation (Given Leather's regenerative capabilities, it may be assumed that this is temporary). Leather confessed to Snow that he had become more distant from and resentful of Dowling and Kim Süskind in recent years, believing that they only allowed Leather and Greene to join them because they needed them to do their "dirty work."


Energy Generation: ability to generate destructive energy bursts and surround himself with an aura of what appears to be blue flame.

Flight: Leather can fly.

Regenerative Healing: He can also regenerate from injuries.

Superhuman Strength: appears to possess some degree of superhuman strength, easily besting Jakita Wagner in one encounter.

  • William Leather is a parallel to Marvel's Human Torch.



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