Sergeant William S. Riley, otherwise known as Sarge, was United States Veteran from World War Two who took up residence in Gotham City with his wife during the fifties. They lived in a small house in a small neighborhood that soon became filled with apartment buildings. Sarge remained in his house though, with his wife until her death. The two never had kids together, but they would play and care for all the neighborhood kids, especially the ones whose parents didn't have time for.

When the cataclysmic event known as No Man's Land begins, Sarge's wife has been dead for years. He has a bunker full of stored food in his basement that he distributes to those who could not get out of the city fast enough and have no one else to turn to. His neighborhood was a constant battle ground in between the different gangs. These gangs include, Killer Croc's, Zsasz's, Mr. Freeze's, the Blue Boys', and the Joker's. The Joker took Sarge's gun when his gang took over, but he decided to let Sarge live.


Rifle with Bayonet