Wilna was the secretary of Rambin, a rich Karlovnan banker. He was the owner of several oil wells, and a new democratic change that would come to the country would leave him with only minimal profits, so he set out to stop it.

Karlovna had other inhabitants before humans settled it; these so-called Dragon People were small dwarf-orcs that were driven into the sewers. Rambin had Wilna dress up as the Dragon Queen, and she earned their trust enough to become their leader. With the help of the Dragon people, she murdered three proponents of democratic change, including the father of Vereen Barlovsky, a friend of Blackhawk. The Blackhawk Squadron went to Karlovna to investigate.

After a race through the sewers and skies of Karlovna's capital, Wilna and Rambin were cornered on the streets. With nowhere else to go, Rambin fingered his accomplice as the mastermind behind everything. Angered over his treachery, she stabbed him in the back, and after she realized there was no escape, she committed suicide.



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