Wilson Turner stalked numerous women and killed them using his powers, displaying clear signs of kryptonite psychosis. He claimed that he killed these women before he learned to control his powers. He was later placed in Black Creek for four years. Tess Mercer later arranged for him to be released so she could use him to find her crystal. She forced him to use his powers on three separate occasions.

Wilson posed as a reporter named "Sebastian Kane" to fool Lois Lane. Lois appeared to agree to go on a date with him, but only because she recognized his face from a flash drive she had stolen from the Luthor Mansion. Sebastian used his powers to find out that Lois knew he was lying about his past. After their date, he attacked Lois outside the Talon. She called Clark Kent on her cell phone, and Clark Kent raced to the scene. Just before Clark knocked him out, Sebastian touched Clark and found out his secret. Chloe Sullivan later deduced this, and found Sebastian in Metropolis General recovering where she overloaded him with huge amounts of information (which she had absorbed from Brainiac) by touching him, leaving him flatlined.

Oliver Queen later revealed that Sebastian died because of Chloe. Chloe stated that it was actually Brainiac acting through her who had killed Sebastian. Oliver questioned why Brainiac would care whether Clark's secret was revealed or not.


  • Telepathy: Sebastian could read minds through touch.
    • Memory manipulation: Sebastian could also search memories through touch to obtain specific information.


  • His date of birth was the 12/05/1979 which makes him 28 years old.



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